wasting time productively

I watched a YouTube video last week where some hipster guy mocked Pinterest. .. and then in the end went full circle saying how it was useful for even people like him.

There are times when I could be using my time more wisely .. . but I do find endless teaching resources - lesson plans - templates -
on there. along with fashion ideas, recipes {many which i'm waiting to try} and so much more.

Whether or not others think it is frivolous - I could care less.
I'm sticking with you, Pinterest.

If you want to find me .. .
it's Kimberly Anne (liliesoffield)

Here are some recent pins in my q.uotes and Life List folder.


early morning dreams

i woke up this morning. 
my mind still in a dream.
_ was sitting with my mom at a table somewhere talking.

she was as clear as day. i could touch her. 
could see her freckled, ever so wrinkled face.
.her beauty.
i could feel her presence. 
her absolute warmth.

i knew if i woke to real consciousness i would lose her. ..
but my alarm clock beckoned.
the only way to keep it real was to tell someone
:so i reached out to my sister.
texted her immediately.
in my mind, if i told her my mom was near_ she wouldn't really be gone for the morning.
she'd remain close.
there is no logic.
.i get that.

.and i'm ok with it.

these are the two songs for today.
the first i just heard on the ride home. and so very fitting for this week.
You know how to toss 'em my way.

the second: an oldie but ohhh. so goodie.

Is there anything better than His comfort? 
I can always find the deepest breath. in His name.