be a p.ART of

1. A Million Little Pictures
a cross.country photo exhibition
sign up by March 31st - 2011

A Million Little Pictures from Shane Zucker on Vimeo.



"We all carry excess baggage with us everyday: keys to forgotten locks, expired chewing gum, intimidating balls of lint. These freeloading objects take our pockets, purses, and bags for granted, weighing us down and holding us back.
The International Association for Empty Pockets is a worldwide movement dedicated to the end of pocket clutter. Contributions to the Pockets Project will form a communal burial ground for the detritus of everyday life – and mark a new era of freedom for your pants.
Our pockets are overflowing. The time to empty is now!
All contributions are welcome. 
Simply sign the Empty Pockets Pledge.. .  and mail your objects to us, or jumpstart your efforts with an Empty Pockets Kit.

Please note that items sent to the project will not be returned but instead turned into a giant art installation.


Both projects are sponsored by the ART HOUSE CO.OP 


"Art House projects are a way to inspire artists to create artwork – whether they are professional artists or just starting out. All of our projects are open to everyone. Find some projects that interest you, sign up, and get creative. Most projects have an exhibition at our home base in Brooklyn, NY. Everyone who participates and sends back their work are included in the exhibitions." 

joe was sloppy :and i Loved him even more.

enjoy this photo montage of my dinner tonight.
be jealous:
veRy jealous
no, it's not manwich. are you kidding, me?!?!

it's a joe done the RIGHT way.
.. .the Jersey way. Yeah. that's a CAPiTAL J. 

from start to finish.
plate clean.
belly full.

: happy friday night.
thank you, Pascarella brothers.

because .. .

. ..in Jersey.


garage sale chic

just Facebook 'liked' this shirt from Ruche. 
one of my favorite online shops. [not that I have ever officially purchased anything from there] .. 
my Sister has gifted me several Ruche items, luckily, but .. 
my wallet has never shopped there. 
my credit card debt will  finally be paid off in several months. 

countdown to which a real party should be planned. 
this was a serious BALANCE. 
due in part to clothes like this.. .among other things.  

but this is a topic for another time. . .. 

isn't it funny how this shirt is SOOOooooo old lady-ish... and yet i'm all over it?!? 
imagine it with a leather skirt? 
: a chunky crystal necklace - maybe, even a cute knit hat to top it all off. . 
Funny how everything old is new again. All vintage things are so attractive .. to me at least. 
I'm finding that the things my eyes cling to are actually kind of ugly themselves - until I have fun 'funking' them up.

Do you find yourself doing this? or am I alone in this search for unmatchable 'garage sale chic' items?

mr. chan

some thoughts from francis chan:: :
if you haven't read Crazy Love - it's a book you need to get your hands on.
i blogged about it quite a bit ago  _ but uncovered him again today. 
his book is life changing.

i love to listen to him speak:  the stories -  his perspective.
one of my next "to reads" on my bookshelf is his newer book: Forgotten God.



one of the million reasons i love:

didn't realize, but i'm thinking.. . she's now married to the talented greg laswell.

this is one the cutest things i've seen in a while / just look how he looks @ her.


crushing on.. .

Handbag Elephant
'Svenskt Tenn bags are loved from Stockholm to New York, to Shanghai and home again. Estrid Ericson designed the Elephant pattern and Svenskt Tenn designed the form.'
Item no. GA11066
1,400 SEK
how do i get my hands on this bag... or 1,400 SEK? .. .that would be $213.40 [thanks to google conversions]

design in my eye

i stumbled upon the 'Best Part' design blog a few days ago and since then my mind has been spinning with ideas of these two posts. 

i mean SERIOUSLY?! Lace Fencing... . 

then this reclaimed furniture.. 
love how the mismatched ends up matching 
and looking so perfectly lovely together. 


:these little things made me happy today.

1. found this video from a trip to my sister's a while back. 
uploaded it. 
already watched it five times.
silly how absolutely. out of this world. happy this makes me... 
or is it? 
i guess it's sillier when you think about what else makes people happy. 
i'd rather have my big sister right here, Right now.

2. there's something about kina
love her lyrics. her voice. . . all of the above. 


you said, "be careful, it's delicate
things can just crumble apart."
but it's not the same for me
it's not the same for me

so i kept treading so carelessly
thin lines that splintered my ground
but i closed my eyes to them
i closed my eyes to them

how did you know that i couldn't be what everyone wanted me to be
and how did you know that i wouldn't see when everything falls away from me
when everything falls away from me

one day i woke in the rubble
knee-deep in damage i'd done
and i was ashamed of it
how did it come to this?

how did you know that i couldn't be what everyone wanted me to be
and how did you know that i wouldn't see when everything falls away from me
when everything falls away from me

how did you know that i couldn't be what everyone wanted me to be
and how did you know that i wouldn't see when everything falls away from me
when everything falls away from me
when everything falls away from me


:: :klimt

one of my favorite Klimt works

utter peace
rest in her soul
:rest for her body:


mom cell: prayers and love needed

Mama's Losin' It
#4) In an effort to spread awareness, share your (or someone you know/love) breast cancer story

i haven't ever told the whole story of my mom's sixteen .. . seventeen year battle with breast cancer. 

I've mentioned it here or there _ in one post or two.

There are very few people in my life who i will 'openly' speak to about this. and when i say 'openly' - i mean allowing myself to let it all go - turning into babbling brook of tears and snot by the end of the conversation. i usually request a change of topic because I can't bear to talk about it anymore.

: it's one of the spots in my heart that won't ever close up. that scar that won't heal. even if tonight she fully recovered.

I wasn't planning on writing about this when I saw Mama Kat's prompt.
actually I didn't want to write about it. 

My heart didn't want to write about it.

and then  _ about a half hour ago i just got phone call from my mom. She's back in the hospital again. Third.. fourth time in the last few months. She just started chemo again two weeks ago. and we're all hoping that it will shrink the new cancer that has grown after the radiation she had last year. but she still can't breathe. even with the constant oxygen at home.

I don't know exactly what to write. or what to say. I guess it's like when i talk about it.
it's just raw emotions. i wish i could fix everything and make her better. heal her. 

enable her to walk a flight of stairs without gasping for air. 
or blow out her birthday candles without being frustrated at her lack of air.

but i can't.
all i can do is be with her. 

love her.
and pray for her.

if you know her, please do the same. she needs double _ triple _ quadruple _ 

endless doses 
of all this.


but if not, I'll trust You

i love it when you stumble upon a song where the artist has read your mind.
: knit your thoughts into lyrics.
heard this monday.
should have pulled over.
it was worship time in the car. hard to keep my hands on the wheel.
thank you, Kerrie Roberts for finding the right words.