Prayer Explained.

Evan Almighty is on television tonight.
There are a couple of scenes in both this film and also Bruce Almighty, where Morgan Freeman [who plays God] explains things just perfectly.

Let me ask you something:::
If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? or does he give them the opportunity to be patient?

If you prayed for courage, does God give them courage? or does He give them opportunities to be courageous?"...

take my hand

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Weekend Update

1. the most snow {all winter long} fell on Thursday night all the way through Saturday.. . Not sure what the grand totals were_ but judging by this view out of my front door it was a lOt. Luckily, the super and his posse shovel my walks and stoop. But within a few hours of them shoveling once, it had already matched the level of the walkway. It was beautiful; I will readily admit though _I'm wishin' for spring. Why just this morning, I heard the bird singing again.. They know it's time.

2. I attempted to make my favorite breakfast of my childhood. Note: the word attempted. Don't really know what my mom concocted but I adored it. It was basically an egg and toast bowl. The yoke soaked up all in chunks of buttered and crunchy toast. It was divine... but not my version. The eggs needed less time, and the toast more butter. Guess you can never hit the recipes your mom makes spot.on.. and you're not supposed to. That's part of the reason why they are so special_ cause your mom mixed that love up 'all in there.

3. I finally opened the little Valentine's cards my kids gave me. A huge pile of them. I did have a favorite though. Yes.. . [Teachers do have favorites.. .sometimes]

This one was made out to Jayden {who is curled in a big ball by my side this very instant, snorin' away} and myself. You'll never guess which little boy gave me it... Yup, from January 17th post.

4. I'm loving caviar.
Does that make me a snot?
I just came from this beautiful restaurant called East: Japanese & Asian Fusion. Had the Electric Shock roll _"Spicy salmon and tempura flakes inside. Variety of colors of caviar on the outside." I took a snapshot but the camera built into my phone doesn't do it justice. [click on over to twitter to see] Not only was it a work of art, but my mouth is watering now as I think about it. For sure will be back there, probably later this week.


God's Fingerprints

I stumbled upon a gem of a blog today, The Rusted Chain, where today was named 'Fingerprint Friday'. The question being asked was one i reflect on quite frequently, Where do you find God's fingerprints?

The directions:
1. Blog with your interpretation of God's fingerprints. Be sure to link back here so others can find the entire list of participants!

.. . If you scroll through my Beyond the Ordinary tag, you will find that many of these entries speak of this very topic_ But one entry from last year immediately came to mine when I read Rusted Chain's challenge for the day.

this entry from last year _ To the Door Delivery
hope you enjoy, as much as i did that day.

a MUST watch.



'Little Mossy Guy' from Etsy:

so i'm stuck in my apartment. tomorrow's a snow day. already got the call. not entirely "stuck", i guess_ i am planning a snowdate out in my front lawn tomorrow. With me, myself, and three layers of clothes. Kinda feel guilty, not enjoying all of the snow that we have received of late. I'll go make a snow angel. Maybe two, I don't want it to be lonesome.

i'm feeling "stuck" or rather quarantined, because of a situation that has forced me to take leave from my Facebook community. Is it kinda like that phrase, you don't know what you got til it's gone?... Not quite, i know.

But i've realized a few things 1. how much time I waste on there.
2. how much i miss silly banter with my friends 3. i miss chattin' with my sister. 4. how angry and a bit fearful i am at the ridiculous stranger "stalker" who has led to this predicament. 5. how much i want to just log back on... . I realize i am ranting now. all to say that being "stuck" inside without the ability to electronically communicate with people in the outside world sucks. Why not just pick up the phone, right?.. I know you're thinking that. . so am I.

below are snapshots of inspiration i have found the last few days. These have distracted and inspired me to continue living a snow angel life, without Facebook.. . and maybe even make a snowman tomorrow.


looks like a picture out of my dream book ... . seriously.
visit, i promise you will be happy you did Dandelion Ranch

just heavenly: another one from ffffound.com

one of my favorite scenes:


YOU are enough.

i've blogged about this song in the past.
but.. . i heard it again today ... it's a prayer that continues to echo in my both mind and heart.

Let the waters rise, if you want them to.
I will follow YOu. God, Your love is enough_ You will pull me through. I'm holding on to you. God, Your Love is Enough.. .


i heart teaching: reason #4

in a conversation with one of my male students, these words actually came out of my mouth ::

"Avoid conversations about girls' butts."

i had to turn and giggle once he walked away.. .
can't help but fall in love with these kids.. .
too much.


college bunk beds.

when i was in college, my roommate and i used to sing the doxology before we went to bed...
yeah.. . we weren't out drinking.. we were singing hymns in our bunk beds_and pulling over fellow college kids with a fake siren and my wood panel station wagon. [that's for another post, though]

oh those were the days... . of utter silliness.

here is Gungor's version... can't stop listening to them..

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gnocchi update

:: in 1.30.10 entry i said, " Making Potato Gnocchi looks easy."

Well, it is.
and so much fun when you have your Big Sister doing it with you. I just returned from a weekend in Michigan. Always wishing my trips could be longer. Friday to Tuesday is not long enough_ even if I did have an extra day because of a canceled flight.

Alli and I had two recipes we wanted to try out _ zeppoles [which, funny enough, we both tagged on our own after watching Giada] and potato gnocchi, spurred on by January's post.

Both of these were devoured within ten minutes of setting out on the table. For more details, head on over to Sincerely Sisters, a blog I share with Alli. Here you will find minute by minute details.. . ok _ maybe just some fun sisterly foodie banter.

when i look into the mountains,


happiness all about my room

is it silly that these
little rainbow patches
scattered across my room make me so very happy?

i think not.

a little girl's snow day

this was the kind of storm that reminded me how fun it was to be a little girl.

i had flashbacks today of sitting by the heater _ toes pressed against the hot baseboard _ my wet gloves and socks upon it. attempting to warm my tiny body. the bottoms of my pants and sleeves still wet from the snow that stealthily snuck in through my boots and coat.

the heater would click .tick, as the water ran through the framework, of what remains today, my parent's home.

my cheeks and ears burned, for what seemed hours, as i defrosted inside.

the world felt so small then and i felt so big..
i miss those little girl days.


the rare spiritual gift of sarcasm?

.head on over to
.find the music player
.click on his song
Damage Done

.. . funny guy. talented artist.
glad i stumbled upon him a few weeks back.

:: "it's a dangerous gift.. . because some people don't have the gift of interpretation."

Sleepin' in late.. .


i feel like havin' some church up in here

ever since i heard Imagine Me.. . i have loved Kirk Franklin. today I heard this. apparently it's not new, but it's new to me... and this made my bad day turn ... well... i was smiling on the way home.

You can't take my joy, devil. .. no weapon formed against me shall prosper!


you never said it would be easy :: you only said i'd never go alone.

Needing to meditate on these words from Mark 11 tonight:

"Have faith in God," Jesus answered. "I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

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facebook posts

Allison do you have a valid passport?

This is the kind of Facebook post everyone wants to get on their wall. Right?!?!? If only I had a valid passport for my trip out to my sister's next week: Mine is over 15 years old! We could have gone border hoppin'


weirdness: just about to shut the lights off
but linked to one more site
and found out that today is _ wait...
Wait for it.......

World Nutella Day??!?!!?

I know how could you have missed this??!
Deep breath...
you can just make up for it tomorrow
by making the heavenly sandwich posted earlier.
Problem solved
Lights off.


grilled goodness

ever since i was little, grilled cheese was my all time favorite.
still in love with them

two grilled sandwiches coming out of my kitchen recently... .
not too healthy, but perfectly delicious and super easy.

Nutella and peanut butter.

Careful cutting this one.. .
its heavenly goodness doesn't like to stay attached to the bread.
Instead, it will love drippin' down your face.

american cheese and whipped chive cream cheese
_ yup.. . i said American cheese.


today my students were doing a Reader's Theater performance on
Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.
in their play i heard the phrase,
The phrase struck me and i've been thinking about it all day long.

What it would have been like to meet this man. .. .

of my heart

can't tell you how many times i have listened to this Joe Pug song over the past couple of days.
love so many things about it
but my favorite line_


DON"T take your pants off

i always thought this song said, "take your pants off' " _ yup,
you know which song...
You thought the same thing.
Just admit it.

:made famous by Flashdance.


No, I'm good!

Last year, I had a student in my class with special needs. A boy who _ when he grows up will be very limited in his career options. He was though, one of the sweetest, gentlest boys around. I don't remember him ever becoming frustrated with his work, or being angry.

On Monday, I saw him [now a fifth grader] in the hallway, coming up the stairwell with a friend. Had his lunch on one of those cardboard trays. You know the ones, that bend when you look at them funny. Well, up the ten steps he came and with every step, one thing fell off that silly little lunch tray of his.

First, it was the straw. Which he bent to pick up. As he did, I watched as his sandwich almost fell off. He stood back up and off went the chocolate milk. Up, he picked it. and continued walking up the rest of the flight of stairs, where i finally met him face to face.

"Are you alright? Do you need any help?" Without even the slightest hint of frustration in his voice, he responded.
"No, I'm good."

As I passed him, I was embarrassed at myself, because in my own mind, I was muttering for him. @@!?@?!@!? How very frustrating that whole scene was. But, apparently not for him. He didn't seem bothered in the least.

I wish I was like that. Instead of being frustrated that that stupid copier in the teacher's room is STILL not working... just not caring at all, "No, I'm good.." Oh ANOTHER red ligHt!?! "No, I'm Good!

I'm sure though, I saw that for a reason. In fact, I know I saw that for a reason.

Did you ask your parents?

So one of my students today after admitting to not completing his homework, had this awful story to share.. You're going to need to grab and love on your kids after hearing this.
Prepare yourself.

I asked him why his homework was incomplete. His response was that it had confused him. Very likely, as it was word problems... working backwards word problems. [I always tell my students, they could go out on the street with problems like these and stump adults. They like that!]

After hearing he was confused, I questioned him:: "Did you ask your parents for help?"

"Well, I tried to ask my dad _ but when I asked him, he kept shushing me because he wanted to watch television. He would only talk to me during commercials."

My heart sank.. . I was hoping maybe his mom was around... but ..."Did you ask your mom then?"

"She was gone most of the night."

Go hug your kid, would you.. ?!??!!?!