more gungor please.

please be my strength.
it's Your .love that's Keeping me.
i  pray Your glory shine.

and all would know that You.. . 
that You are my Strength 

that You and You ALONE 
that You keep bringing me back home

so Bright.
through All the ages 
into the sky.
You're Amazing.  
creation cries
You have Never changed.


one year

.the back of my mom's memorial card reads one of her favorite verses.
these words being some of the hardest to truly understand this past year.

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
Romans 8.28


Upon. Jesus

my mom loved this song.
it came to mean a lot to me in the past few years.
the lyrics so simple.
so .powerful.

more .. . and more

a list i .love

1. i used to know how to knit.
    My mom always started my projects off.
She attempted to teach me to "cast" on .. . off {?}
     but it never sunk in.
    i never thought there would be a day when i would really need to know myself .. . .
i need to start knitting again.
      i need to start knitting again.
         i need to start knitting again.

2.  ladylee in process  --- -  search label  "Living Pinterest"
. ... such an out of the box concept. 
i Love it!  
I've spent a .Bit of time at this site recently
and definitely will be sharing in her "Living Pinterest" idea. 

3.   this blog turning pages .. .  
for some reason.. . this series of August posts seem to be my favorites
I've had this window open for some time now. and gone back to it several times.  click HERE.

4. One of my Pinterest .boards is filling up quickly. 
Like i've mentioned in a recent post, i've become addicted to pinning. 
I have found so many pins on Laura Helm's  'this is happening'  Board.

5.  This recipe for kale salad.. . can't recall where i found it. But i've been dying to try it. 
Share in the Love! 

Raw Tuscan Kale Salad Recipe

     .affordable. Anthro clothing and accessories

Someone was thinking. 
LOVE. love ... . loVe this idea! 

"found is a event decor and prop resource supplying brides, event planners, designers and photographers with unique vintage items to give their weddings, photo shoots and events style and originality. We rent one of a kind pieces of furniture and accessories for whatever your needs may be. .."
You Must visit. .. One of a kind. 

8. this one is self.explanatory: oh Yum! 

click HERE to devour goodness
.loving this recipe for strawberry milk macarons with cookie dough buttercream 
Fantasically creative!


Steve Martin's Flowers

Steven Martin is a talented man. 
Not only a successful and admired actor. 
but writer, comedian
..  . add to the list, musician. 

I fell in love with one of his novella's Shopgirl
Read it in just a day or so. and the movie is delightful as ever. 

Don't think I've ever seen him in a movie where i havent? enjoyed him. 
The Jerk. .. goodness Gracious! 
RENT it NOW... .if it has not graced your screen. 
You will laugh til the end credits roll. 

This is a song I found on one of my friend's facebook pages and felt compelled to share. 
Won't admit to you how many times I've listened to since. 
It may be a wee bit embarrassing.

Open Windows. .. . and Freezing weather.. .

It's been a crazy .couple of days.
I've been without power. ..
i'm currently at my parent's house: thieving heat, hot water, electricity and all other amenities.

I've had so many websites open, in "save" .. .bookmark mode..
the rainbow wheel started to make a daily appearance.
It's late, so i'll only share a few.

this all seems a bit frivolous after what i "survived" .. . but even more reason to spend a few moments resting upon it momentarily.

this song

.. . clearly not originally from Love Actually .. . 
you know that scene
but that's where it got to me

so much good stuff
Love this post back from September 

.head on over. 


it's my new obssession. 
and YES. it is a problem 

this is one of .my favorites to stalk.

click to LINK