the soundtrack of my life

pandora played this for me this weekend.

.spring night
.windows open
.back roads.
.twisting and .turning

how does it know?


hootie's wagon wheels

heard this a few weeks ago, forgot how much i had .Loved it
.Darius was singing
of course, it's not his. .. but still had to roll all the windows down and rock it.

once again _ driving down the streets of nj's main streets something doesn't mesh.
but heck, i could care less.

.here are both versions


She would have smiled .Big

I have five or six drafted posts rolling around in my head.

Among the millions .. .thousands..  ok FINE .  hundreds of things I do during the day,
I find that I am "writing" while I'm driving or in the shower.
When it comes to actually publishing though, many times it never comes to fruition until weeks later. 
i need to get a handle on this somehow.

nonetheless, long story short. 
short story long ___
let me get to the point

"lessons from the day"
"day to day"

these are three tags that often come up for my posts. ..

today when I watched this video of my dad and i from a few weeks ago, i was thinking how my mom would definitely be tagging it similarly.
"things that made me smile"

my dad and i had an impromptu photo.shoot out in the front yard of all the flowers my mom had planted years and years ago.
my favorites of course, you will recognize from a few posts back.

the best part, of course, is my dad laughing.
these are the best moments, hearing him like that.

she is indeed smiling.
i can feel it.


"i do" advice from a college crush

it's strange seeing him more than ten years later. 
especially when in my mind, he had become a pastor. 
the quiet reserved one  .. . who i had college crushed on. 
[read the 2010 post where i had introduced you to him]

now he's a marriage counselor and all up on the tv channels. 

all great advice. 
.could have helped this single 35 year old gal a couple of times


crossing state lines

there are times when i think i don't belong in new jersey
.like when i listen to these songs and can't turn the dial in my car LOUD enough.. .

other times i know my nj attitude is too enormous to fit permanently within the borders of any other state.

I'm not the biggest fan of any of Florida Georgia Line's videos _ although I am of their music.. . 
I would suggest listening and minimizing the window.