when i get older

All i have to say is Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
I can think of so many awesome things to do with this song and my students. 
it's .inspirational. 

i will be STRONGER.

in the round.tower of my heart

My class has just begun our Poetry unit. .. while also preparing for state testing.
It just so happens that one of the writing prompts was this beautiful poem by Longfellow.
: each line.
: takes my breath away.

While I read it to the class in preparation for them to respond, I noticed one boy smiling and chuckling sincerely at certain lines. 

It was one of the most precious things I have seen all year long.
here is the poem in its entirety to read at your own pace. 


dear Google Chrome,

i don't like you. 
thanks for making me sad.

goings on in 7H

i walked to Kings yesterday.
my sister was proud of me.
i was exhausted..
[yes, it was only a bit down the street.]
but i was lugging three giant bags of groceries.
through the underground train station.

inside one of the bags was THIS.
i splurged. 
it was.. . [deep BREATH]]] ] 
yes, but not only in price.

Hot chocolate is one of those things that you might as well Not have _ unless it makes your soul quiver.
and honestly, if i need to spend that much i will. 

it will last for a few months. 

and i'll share. 

making a animated gif

i saw this commercial on tv the other day and my heart skipped a beat.
i'm pretty easy to impress

hoping it's not a disapointment. 
there is nothing that captures the feeling of boutique shopping though
especially attempting to do it with those awkward red carts and mismatched wheels
as much as i adore you, Target... .

and from my new beloved SMASH


my genie in a bottle

this photograph i've seen floating around for a while now.. .
makes me laugh every time i see it. 

found this one today.

wish i had him in pill form. 
pop a little "ferrell" to keep me going.


listening to right now

my You.Tube Favorites list basically plays on repeat:: and repeat. and repeat 
even though i have enough CDs to fill a landfill. 
at least my laptop travels with me from room to room. 
even wobbling on the bathroom sink while i'm in the shower. 
here are some .recent. ones


Menu: DVR: Recordings: SMASH

if you haven't yet. 
.better get on the ball.
i'm Loving everything about the show. 

especially this scene. 
come on, How could you resist? 


quit your day job soon.. .maybe

I have come across so many beautiful and inspiring food blogs lately 
I feel as if I need to quit teaching to stay home and cook. 
Clearly, I wouldn't have money to purchase the goods to even start the meal. 
So scratch that idea.
.for now at least. 
I'll gather my list of sites and share later - but drop you just a teaser from Proud Italian Cook
Just stare with me. .. 

{it's happening isn't it? . ..you need a napkin}
broiled apricots stuffed with sweetened mascarpone topped with blackberry and honey 


while setting my alarm

strange how the second i'm setting my alarm,
in a pretty low. low. Low spot.  about to most likely cry myself to sleep.. .
i hear this.
just set out before me.




take notice

three things that caught my attention today

this magnet on my refrigerator
there are tons of things on there _so for anything to catch my eye is pretty impressive these days.
.this seemed to grab me by the collar as i walked by though. 

these lyrics sound all too familiar. ..
One step forward, two steps back
so funny I forgot to laugh

[more lyrics]

covering the hill on the front lawn. .. 
they will be there for just a few days surely 
but that will make me happy enough

.and this extra from last night. 
[could they be any cuter?]


find the six degrees of separation

i am constantly amazed at how quickly i am able to access information: from my phone or the computer.
it makes my mind stir.

and in many ways it changes how i teach.. . this is for yet another post*
tonight, though i spent almost 45 minutes searching for this commercial _ because i Loved the song.
it was UNUSUALLY hard to find.

Artist - Antfood

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