pete wilson's plan

If you haven't gotten your hands on a copy of Pete Wilson's book Plan B, head over amazon and find yourself a copy quickly. i mean really quickly. ok?
just do it... 
you'll see why... 
we'll talk later.. when i'm finished in a day or so. 
i just started tonight.

page 22 
Now, I would never wish this on you, 
but there will be a moment in your life 
when you feel like everything you have is starting to slip away. 
You will be tempted to run, but I pray instead you will persevere. 
Because no matter how things seem, God is still with you. 
And things will turn around, one way or another. 
Maybe not the way you planned. 
Maybe not the way you assumed God would handle it. 
Maybe not even the way you hope. 
But you will see God's hand at work - if not in your circumstances, 
then certainly in your heart. 

turning back time

i know God never makes mistakes. but... there is a possibility that maybe, just maybe, i was born in the wrong decade. I could very likely fit right in wearing these fancies and listening to Mr. nat king cole. This would do me just fine. In fact, pretty much better than fine. the best.

jeannie patchett by photographer: norman parkinson

grace kelly

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simple perfection

many people who know me, know that i have been through the wedding planning process not once, but twice. and to make it even more unusual, to the same man.

through, only God's grace, mercy and endless love, He allowed me to escape from this destructive and unhealthy relationship. 

one thing that still fascinates me though, and that i dream of to this day .....  is my wedding day
first and foremost, of course _ because it will be the day i marry the man who has been in my heart ... who God has planned for me all along. 

but also... because it will be my wedding day ... and well, who are we kidding? What girl doesn't dream of planning all the prettiness of that day? 

This looks like perfection to me. simple. love. just about husband and wife. together.  forever . 


whole foods grass

whole foods has a fun section of jewelry made from around the world, hand woven clothing, inspirational artwork, cards and magnets. I'm big on the last two. I collect cards in general. Have almost an armoire full of cards that i have stashed away over the years that touch my heart. this spot or that, of my sappy 31 year.old one.

i have used but just a few of these paper gems.. . after all, it's rare to find a well written and illustrated card. so... i buy them when i see them. even if they are $3.95. that's really besides the point. even if i need that money for milk, right?

i bought this magnet a while back...

perfect. isn't it?

doesn't it make you smile.
and your heart just.. .   [sigh]]]]  ]

there are days when i feel like i'm that little blade of grass.. you too?


there's something about this song. and it has nothing to do with the video. it came on my stereo the other night and my whole body froze. the lyrics /come up to meet you/ tell you i'm sorry/ you don't know how lovely you are/ i had to find you/ tell you i need you/ tell you i set you apart/ .. his voice.

and then ... there is something about the video too. watch it til the end. go hug .. and kiss someone you love. then go back to the start ... and do it again. they'll appreciate it.


the Source

This is an illustration of a series and parallel circuit.

In a series circuit_ one bulb is connected to another bulb _  which is connected to another bulb, which eventually down the road, is connected to the battery. .The power source. Problem is - if one of those bulbs is a dud, you're done for… no juice is getting through.

In a parallel series, each bulb is connected directly to the battery. It doesn’t have to go through another set of bulbs to make its way.  Each one has a direct connection to the source.

In the process of making this complicated science more real to my students today, I asked them, can you think of any real life examples of series and parallel connections?  - 

Where the best relationship... . is a direct connection to the power Source? 

It's funny when I stand up in the front of the classroom and words start spilling out of mouth, light bulbs literally start going off. It happens quite often. Part of the reason I started to blog, I’m thinking.

they came up with some great ideas: {ignoring the fact, that biblical truths are slappin' me in the face}

1. dominoes: one goes down. they all go down = series. 
2. the next was a good one for a parallel circuit. A plane engine. If the first one dies, you have another one to back it up. Aren’t they smart??? I assured them,  this was why they should never be worried on a plane.. even though I’m still a 10% nervous flier..

this lesson got me thinking…. am I more connected to God through Christian books, devotionals, blogs and fellow believers {other ‘light bulbs’} all which eventually link up to the Source…. or am I, on a DAILY BASIS directly linked to the Source? through prayer and worship, thanksgiving?

There's no wonder a bulb will shine brighter when it is lit with a parallel circuit rather than a series circuit. 

He is brightest Light.

Science thought for the day: 
Do I make an effort every day... . even throughout the day... .. to restart my circuit with CHRIST at the center?


i need the middle of nowhere

some days, i want to work in a little bookstore 
and live in a farmhouse in the country. 
actually ... it seems_ like most days lately.
is that such a tough thing to ask for?

{photo source}


be glorified.

And this is my prayer:  that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight,
so that you may be able to discern what is best
and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ,
filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ
_ to the glory and praise of God.
Philippians 1:9.11

too small for nothing!

years ago when i taught second grade, i painted this phrase on a giant piece of roll.out paper and posted it in the classroom. i was thinking about it on friday, as i sat with my fourth graders on the reading rug and how i wanted to recreate it again this year... i couldn't quite remember the exact phrase, though. Then last night _  not by a coincidence, ... i'm done believing in those things. i stumbled upon this without even searching for it... it FOUND me!.. time to whip out the paintbrushes on MOnday.


this sure made me smile.. .

.. maybe it will do the same for you.
[one time, ten times, go ahead watch it again.]


lovely weeds.

what is it about this silly little weed that makes me so very happy?
just pure. simple.

Dandelion wallpaper found here.. keep clicking on the photos for more perfection.


old school for today

there's not another christian musician like him.
and it's my mom's doing that i enjoy him so.
this was the background music in our house, in the backseat of our car with black leather seats and no rear windows.
old school praise music.
the best of it.
i like it for today though.
and tomorrow.

some favorites:
.because of You
..trials turned to gold.
...the easter song

if you've never heard of him, consider this your introduction.


a bruised tongue and brand new car

it’s been a while.
funny how blogging can become such a routine part of your life_ that you miss it.

Today was the first day back in my classroom after almost a week’s absence. Nothing like seeing your students’ smiling faces when they realize you are back. That feels good. Feels great actually.

Let me rewind for you.. several years ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Had my first seizure on an airplane. Couldn’t choose a better spot, or so my brain thought..  until last Monday.. while in NYC’s Daniel. A restaurant where footstools are set out for your purse.

The last thing I remember is choosing my dessert.. and the next, a face – an EMT in a New York City emergency room - posing questions I couldn’t understand. The next three days are all a blur. All, but the security of my best friend, my sister, Allison who never left my side and sang Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus as an iv was administered. This hymn has the ability to slow my pulse… and has been used at times when panic all but overcomes my body.

After my release from the hospital, I spent the next few days at my parents’ house, who nursed this little girl ... back to health.
Bruised tongue and all.

I will admit there was a day or so in there, at 22 Lewis, when I was sassy and felt like the only safe haven was under the covers.. but now.. whether it be my own naivety or just plain silliness, I can’t help but Know..  with an assurance that this is already worked out for my own good. License gone for who knows how long. Brand new car going to waste in the parking lot. I don’t mind. In fact, I feel good. And I thank God for this past week.


laying down your life

i had already started a new post and in doing so, searched 'jesus crucifixion'. Up came the youtube video from the passion. which i will link you to. HERE.
watch it. i could not stop crying.
i cannot even find the right words to express my thoughts right now.

Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates his own for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

How can we even begin to show our gratitude for this?
Even the word gratitude seems so minute.

'Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God - this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind.'
Romans 12.1-2