pete wilson's plan

If you haven't gotten your hands on a copy of Pete Wilson's book Plan B, head over amazon and find yourself a copy quickly. i mean really quickly. ok?
just do it... 
you'll see why... 
we'll talk later.. when i'm finished in a day or so. 
i just started tonight.

page 22 
Now, I would never wish this on you, 
but there will be a moment in your life 
when you feel like everything you have is starting to slip away. 
You will be tempted to run, but I pray instead you will persevere. 
Because no matter how things seem, God is still with you. 
And things will turn around, one way or another. 
Maybe not the way you planned. 
Maybe not the way you assumed God would handle it. 
Maybe not even the way you hope. 
But you will see God's hand at work - if not in your circumstances, 
then certainly in your heart. 

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