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This is an illustration of a series and parallel circuit.

In a series circuit_ one bulb is connected to another bulb _  which is connected to another bulb, which eventually down the road, is connected to the battery. .The power source. Problem is - if one of those bulbs is a dud, you're done for… no juice is getting through.

In a parallel series, each bulb is connected directly to the battery. It doesn’t have to go through another set of bulbs to make its way.  Each one has a direct connection to the source.

In the process of making this complicated science more real to my students today, I asked them, can you think of any real life examples of series and parallel connections?  - 

Where the best relationship... . is a direct connection to the power Source? 

It's funny when I stand up in the front of the classroom and words start spilling out of mouth, light bulbs literally start going off. It happens quite often. Part of the reason I started to blog, I’m thinking.

they came up with some great ideas: {ignoring the fact, that biblical truths are slappin' me in the face}

1. dominoes: one goes down. they all go down = series. 
2. the next was a good one for a parallel circuit. A plane engine. If the first one dies, you have another one to back it up. Aren’t they smart??? I assured them,  this was why they should never be worried on a plane.. even though I’m still a 10% nervous flier..

this lesson got me thinking…. am I more connected to God through Christian books, devotionals, blogs and fellow believers {other ‘light bulbs’} all which eventually link up to the Source…. or am I, on a DAILY BASIS directly linked to the Source? through prayer and worship, thanksgiving?

There's no wonder a bulb will shine brighter when it is lit with a parallel circuit rather than a series circuit. 

He is brightest Light.

Science thought for the day: 
Do I make an effort every day... . even throughout the day... .. to restart my circuit with CHRIST at the center?

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