cassette tapes of my life

ever since i've been in junior school, i've been obsessed with .soundtracks. 
i probably have 100 cassette tapes in large tupperware containers in dusty bins at my parents' house. 

playing them would surely rewind and drop me to a simpler place and time 
.to that naive little girl. 

i think in many ways, i am a bigger version of her today 
for better or worse. 
and my love of soundtracks remains. 

I often hear soundtracks playing in my mind,  as i go about my day. 
i'm not sure if this is 'normal' _ but i'm ok with that. 
the songs vary from day to day. 

i heard this one today. 
this song feels like one that belongs on daily repeat.  

.made it to the coastline. 


lovely pink yarn

back in february, i met Pearl and the Beard at an Ingrid concert and was blown again. 
They are absolutely talented, FUNKY and overall fun to listen to. 

lovin on this song and video i stumbled upon tonight. 


musical DVR brothers

my days of live television are over.
everything i watch is from my DVR, rented HBO or movies.

and I'm lovin' on "musicals" like Glee and Smash.. .
I'm amazed at the quality of the actors' voices.

In this one Glee episode, Blaine's brother, Cooper comes back to shell out acting advice.
He is, in real life, a famous actor from the television series White Collar.

Nevertheless. Who knew he could sing?
Which is a big part of the reason, why i sit here on my couch, jaw dropped at this duet.

Blaine is not happy to see his big brother back . .. until the last scene.
This is the start of reconciliation.


House. call

you can always find a good song at the end of a House episode.
this was tonight's.. .

[lyrics] .. . these hit a spot deep in my heart. 


i'm not .Hungry yet

I've got to be honest.
I don't know much about the Hunger Games.
Any bits and pieces of plot I have heard from my students and/or friends.

Maybe, I will read it this summer. 
Although, I have a list of 20 or so books on my 'to read' list and it is ever.growing.

If they are cool enough though to have the Civil Wars playing in the background of their movie, 
filling the "Hunger phenomenon" with music that makes my heart beat through my chest
_ then maybe, just maybe the book will move to the front of my shelf.



a look into some recent You.tube favorites.
the second just makes me giggle_ not matter how many times i watch it.
it's basically my conversations with Tess and Jayden
{but of course the man factor makes it even more humorous}