cassette tapes of my life

ever since i've been in junior school, i've been obsessed with .soundtracks. 
i probably have 100 cassette tapes in large tupperware containers in dusty bins at my parents' house. 

playing them would surely rewind and drop me to a simpler place and time 
.to that naive little girl. 

i think in many ways, i am a bigger version of her today 
for better or worse. 
and my love of soundtracks remains. 

I often hear soundtracks playing in my mind,  as i go about my day. 
i'm not sure if this is 'normal' _ but i'm ok with that. 
the songs vary from day to day. 

i heard this one today. 
this song feels like one that belongs on daily repeat.  

.made it to the coastline. 

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