Just Dancin', that's all.

i could have watched them do this all morning.
but it was only a five minute brain break
absolutely. ..Precious. 
they've got my heart, indeed.
nope - not you, One Direction.


hot water happiness

i may not have hot water for the fifth time this month  .. but i'm still a happy girl. 

here are five simple reasons. 

1. today a sizeable box waited for me patiently on my doorstep. 
Full of BOOKS. Read.Alouds.. . writing books and of course, books about food -  glorious food. 

2. this month, i got a lot of sister.. . family. time. 
Surprise 70th for my dad and then a family wedding this past weekend in Ohio. 

gif maker

in the city @Eataly..  pure food heaven

.all senses come alive when you step through the doors

Could Aidan, my nephew be any cuter? 
Writing his well wishes to the bride and groom.
i love him to bits, pieces.. . little dustlets.

3.   my hair hitting my collarbone. 
      year after year.
      cut it, grow it, cut it, dark, light, dark.. . back and forth.  
      my hairdresser won't be seeing me any time soon. 
      i'm enjoying this growing season.

4.  this sound 
     these words. 

You were waiting at the door. 
I let you in. 


constant change

This weekend i saw these girls 
My college girlfriends 
Hearts. connected

According to one of them, we look the same. 
haven't changed at all. i'm thinking. No. 
Pictured above - these are baby faces.

Two husbands, seven babies later [none of those mine] we look more.. . more mature.
Nothing stays the same. Certainly not the way we look. 
It's just the way it goes. year to year, month to month, day to day. 
as i looked through the albums, i couldn't help but notice so many different things 
that i've been reflecting upon. 

We had such a fun time those four years. .. 
and not the drunk, falling all over each other, skipping classes type. 
It was silly pranks, chalking, embarrassing each other, dressing up in department stores. 
All ridiculous. 
.fantastically ridiculous.
In almost all the pictures, we were laughing or trying to be ever so serious 
- as a joke of course. 
Not a care in the world. 

Things are indeed different 
but i still saw the same girl i am now in the photos. 
yes - the 36 year old girl
and that makes my heart itchy and fuzzy inside. 
i may have dark and gloomy days but that silliness, that happiness - it glows.
i can feel it on good days and on bad days it tries its hardest to burst through.

i'm blessed that i have people in my life that bring that on and make it shine brighter. 
things do change, people get older and move far away. 
but there are some things that remain constant. 
and for that i am lucky. 

my current repeat.. 
.You are CONSTANT.