hot water happiness

i may not have hot water for the fifth time this month  .. but i'm still a happy girl. 

here are five simple reasons. 

1. today a sizeable box waited for me patiently on my doorstep. 
Full of BOOKS. Read.Alouds.. . writing books and of course, books about food -  glorious food. 

2. this month, i got a lot of sister.. . family. time. 
Surprise 70th for my dad and then a family wedding this past weekend in Ohio. 

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in the city @Eataly..  pure food heaven

.all senses come alive when you step through the doors

Could Aidan, my nephew be any cuter? 
Writing his well wishes to the bride and groom.
i love him to bits, pieces.. . little dustlets.

3.   my hair hitting my collarbone. 
      year after year.
      cut it, grow it, cut it, dark, light, dark.. . back and forth.  
      my hairdresser won't be seeing me any time soon. 
      i'm enjoying this growing season.

4.  this sound 
     these words. 

You were waiting at the door. 
I let you in. 

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