i haven't even been looking

... . but somehow stumbled upon two lovely blogs that i must share along with you.
i would feel guilty if i didn't.

1.  Sunday Suppers
  you'll have a hard time not staring... be polite, would you?

adorable. stories about cooking and. kids. 
cooking with kids. 
must reads = new words, exploration #3, black and white, sharing


the power of His name

when i was first diagnosed with epilepsy i had a battery of tests done.
i remember being dragged into different rooms in the wee hours of the night.
nurses and doctors coming in and out, explaining one procedure after the next.
one i will never forget though, was the spinal tap.

for some reason, the doctor had tried once or twice and it hadn't worked.
it may have even been a "doctor in training".
by that time, my mom had just about had enough.
actually she went into 'flip out' mode.
and if you knew my mom and doctors, you knew the best place to get was as far away as possible.
she went out into the hallway and demanded that the best "spinal tap" guy get in the room immediately.
within a minute that, in fact, happened.
they knew she meant business.
he was the sweetest man. i will never forget his face. as much as i forget of those weeks and those days.

the procedure started, but by this time, as you can imagine, i was in quite a frazzled state.
my mom was with me, holding my hand, calling to me.. as close as possible..
for some reason, the doctor couldn't get what he wanted to and i began to panic..
and i began to call out aloud, as my mom taught me ...  
His name, "Jesus. Jesus! Jesus! !!"

Just repeating and repeating His name
and with that a peace came over me,
the doctor finally got whatever he needed.
and the testing was done for the night.

The reason for the story today_
this afternoon I had a thyroid biopsy,
quite similar to the spinal tap actually,
but straight in the neck.
.three needles.
good stuff.

This experience came rushing back to me as i laid there on the table.
I was a mess of tears and laughter.
The doctor thought i was a lunatic.
most likely.
I have been listening to Stronger [from the previous post] recently.
the lyrics repeating in my head.

You are Stronger. 
You are Stronger.. .
You have saved me. 

and I couldn't stop thinking about how my mom is standing with Him. now.
which makes me overflow with joy .. .
but the fact that she wasn't "with me, holding my hand, calling to me.. as close as possible.. .."
well that's beyond. tough.

no more words. right now.


i have a lot to tell you, but for now. ..

i'll leave you with these two songs.
worthy of the replay button.

No beginning and no end
You're my hope and my defense
You came to seek and save the lost
You paid it all upon the cross

You are stronger, You are stronger
Sin is broken, You have saved me
It is written, Christ is risen
Jesus You are Lord of all

So let Your name be lifted higher
Be lifted higher, be lifted higher
So let Your name be lifted higher
Be lifted higher, be lifted higher


in no particular order

i started a life list .. .
some call a "bucket list" but i absolutely LOATHE that name.
before i kick the bucket,

in honor of my birthday yesterday, there are thirty three listed below.
that's right, i'm now 33.
and my life list is growing
problem is i don't seem to be scratching off as quickly as i'm adding.
THIS is a dilemma.

i may have to quit my job.

1. see the aurora borealis 

2. own a horse

3. fall in love again. 

4. go kayaking

5. make a flower crewel collection

6. go to Alaska

7. Greece with Allison, just Allison

8. get an old typewriter and use it to type letters

9. drink bubble tea

10. learn how to knit and crochet again 

11. learn how to make homemade pasta - easily - regularly

12. go to an Ingrid concert with Alli

13. become a flea market regular

14. play the piano again... . have one in my house

15. buy a house. .. a bungalow

16. publish a piece of writing

17. successfully start a small business

18. my infamous chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sauce _ make it without recipe.. frequently 

19. start exercising.. .maybe yoga?

20. join a Co-op

21. open an etsy shop. 

22. adopt a dog

23. take a roadtrip .. .long roadtrip

24. go to Serendipity, NYC

25. tattoo two? 

26. learn how to install a chandelier

27. ... reupholster an antique chair 

28. learn Italian

29. practice Calligraphy

30. learn how to make my mom's sausage, meatballs, and braciole

31. visit the Grand Canyon again .. .

32. organize shoes with photos - polaroid

33. practice the lost art of taking baths.


so sorry,

i'm apologizing ahead of time for the video overload the last couple of posts,
but this song .MUST. be shared

some good chunks of well thought out text will be coming in the near future. ..
now that i have the full summer ahead of me. 
i know you're waiting with baited breath. 
me too.

the musician and the song:

the lyrics:

Hello mercy
I have been searching for You lately
I've been wounded and from what I hear
You have the remedy

They told me You would be for me
so now I need to know
Is this a love that can save me
Or say you will then don't

Will You stay with me
When nobody is around
If this is real
Then tell me now

Can You hold me together
Can Your love reach down this far
Can You hold me together
'Cause without You holding my heart
I'm falling apart, falling apart

Saying so long, been lost, been gone
Not sure what to pray
It's not easy, but I know You see me
When I lose my way

I keep on floating not knowing
If there is more for me
Don't want to sink beneath
Waves of negativity

I'm going under,
I'm afraid I might drown
If this is real,
I need you now


I'm feeling stronger
With You by my side
And I realize You are my hope
And I need to know


Without You
I'm falling apart
Falling apart

i keep bleeding.. . keep bleeding. ..

i've always been entertained by ashton kutcher..
but this latest scene from No String Attached had me cackling.
followed by a clip of him and natalie portman singing 
'Bleeding Love' together.


the sun again.. .

Kingdoms and queens they all bow down to you 
Ranches and ranch hands are bowing too 
And I'm takin off my straw hat for you, singin'
Here comes the sun again

And the leaves on the trees they all call out your name, 
Chrome on the freight line shines the same, 
And the stars in their cars roll their tops down for you, singin'
Here comes the sun again

Oh but if you're gonna stay,
Show some mercy today 
Blow that breeze on my face

Snow banks and drifts down the hillside for you 
Slides inside sandy river before the day is through 
And before evenin falls i may find myself there too, singin'
Here comes the sun again,
Here comes the sun again...



i heart teaching: reason #7

they were all lined up
by the door.
backpacks on, stuffed to the brim.
one of them turned around and asked, "Can we give you a hug?" 

of course??! 
and with that
one piled on,
arms reached around as big as can be, 
then another.
and another.. 
forming a giant unbreakable ring around me.
i couldn't get out if i wanted to,
nearly toppling over with affection. 
moments into that enormous hug one of my boys,
called out..  .
"I love you."
and then just smiled at me. 

no one responded with a laugh, or even the slightest comment.
it was as if, it was the most normal thing he could have said to his teacher. .. . 

today was, for so many reasons, an extremely hard day.
i opened my eyes,
and dreaded lifting my legs to stand up out of bed.
cried on my way to work.. .
sweat like a beast throughout the day
and, i think, unfortunately, for those around me,
it was not the best day to wear my natural deodorant.

that "I love you " though, was my normal day's special.


currently loving

wish i was cool enough to hang out in canyons and play the guitar.. . but then again.

when i searched who Little Wings was... i came upon this.. .
maybe he's cool for a special reason

i think it's funny how he says, "musics"

i wanna hang out with him when he's like this.. . 
laugh my tail off!  
"... just like the free country of the dog" ??!?!? 
REALLY?  this made my night. 

Kyle Field, aka Little Wings, is my favorite artist of the month.

.below is the REAL Little Wings in a documentary.
no special effects

this may link you to YouTube. for viewing


i heart teaching: reason #6

i was standing out in the hallway this morning greeting the kids as they came in.. .
one of my boys appeared, said "Good Morning!", walked into the classroom,
unpacked, opened the windows for me [he's my guy]
.... came back out and proceeded to tell me this. .

I realized something 'psychological' last night.. . "
[yes, these are the words he used]

You know how dogs love you even if you are mean to them
Or you do something wrong
Well it's just like God.. .
Isn’t it funny how their names are just spelled backwards? "

i'm a lucky lady to have these kids in my life. every day.
very lucky.

TOoo much NOISE?!! !?

today when i woke up this scene popped into my head from Sunny in Philadelphia.
totally random.
Totally hysterical.
I laid there with Jayden,
my very own kitten
and laughed and laughed .. thinking of it.


before 11:59 pm today

The question .. .
by the end of the day, what would you wish to happen?

thoughts? .. . 


open windows and my absence

clearly i've been out of the blogging loop for a while now 
i've been without internet for a bit. and in the midst of a move. 
so i'll start back with a post of all the windows i've kept open since my computer has last been running. 

these are things i didn't want to forget about: 
might as well share them with you. 

1. the designer:  ZARA 
loving these pants. i think i could LIVE in these. 
they come in an array of colors. and patterns.

2. Art House Co-op Tumblr >CLICK<

Creative Ideas from their Sketchbook Project. Visit their site to become involved.

3. A Deeper Story: Tales of Christ and Culture
Several of the bloggers I follow are co.authors of this site. 
I'm sure that's how I linked to it. This article, Accepting Troublein particular stirred something inside me. 
Definitely worth some visit time. 

4. Flea Markets, Garage Sales .. . cravings. 
I read this post from the Rusted Chain and immediately wanted to find a flea market to hunt down some treasures. 
Definitely on my to do list for this summer. 

5. My Style Pill ..  . 

Fashion love from a NYC personal stylist .. .magazine editor who knows her stuff. 

there are a few more windows still open in the dock below, 
but i've still not finished the tasks of the day and it's 10:47 pm