i heart teaching: reason #7

they were all lined up
by the door.
backpacks on, stuffed to the brim.
one of them turned around and asked, "Can we give you a hug?" 

of course??! 
and with that
one piled on,
arms reached around as big as can be, 
then another.
and another.. 
forming a giant unbreakable ring around me.
i couldn't get out if i wanted to,
nearly toppling over with affection. 
moments into that enormous hug one of my boys,
called out..  .
"I love you."
and then just smiled at me. 

no one responded with a laugh, or even the slightest comment.
it was as if, it was the most normal thing he could have said to his teacher. .. . 

today was, for so many reasons, an extremely hard day.
i opened my eyes,
and dreaded lifting my legs to stand up out of bed.
cried on my way to work.. .
sweat like a beast throughout the day
and, i think, unfortunately, for those around me,
it was not the best day to wear my natural deodorant.

that "I love you " though, was my normal day's special.

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  1. This is the best post ever. So sweet. And funny. I hear you on the natural deodorant!