in no particular order

i started a life list .. .
some call a "bucket list" but i absolutely LOATHE that name.
before i kick the bucket,

in honor of my birthday yesterday, there are thirty three listed below.
that's right, i'm now 33.
and my life list is growing
problem is i don't seem to be scratching off as quickly as i'm adding.
THIS is a dilemma.

i may have to quit my job.

1. see the aurora borealis 

2. own a horse

3. fall in love again. 

4. go kayaking

5. make a flower crewel collection

6. go to Alaska

7. Greece with Allison, just Allison

8. get an old typewriter and use it to type letters

9. drink bubble tea

10. learn how to knit and crochet again 

11. learn how to make homemade pasta - easily - regularly

12. go to an Ingrid concert with Alli

13. become a flea market regular

14. play the piano again... . have one in my house

15. buy a house. .. a bungalow

16. publish a piece of writing

17. successfully start a small business

18. my infamous chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sauce _ make it without recipe.. frequently 

19. start exercising.. .maybe yoga?

20. join a Co-op

21. open an etsy shop. 

22. adopt a dog

23. take a roadtrip .. .long roadtrip

24. go to Serendipity, NYC

25. tattoo two? 

26. learn how to install a chandelier

27. ... reupholster an antique chair 

28. learn Italian

29. practice Calligraphy

30. learn how to make my mom's sausage, meatballs, and braciole

31. visit the Grand Canyon again .. .

32. organize shoes with photos - polaroid

33. practice the lost art of taking baths.

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  1. love it!!!! we can help you with #11 and 20 :)