your favorite mother's day gift

you won't be able to listen to this tonight.. .
your i.pod will do for the next couple of days_
and you even have your charger.

you always loved this song.. attached to your mother's day gift.
even if it just played on a dinky little stereo.
.I Love You.

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Found this video sometime during the summer posted on the
_watched it so many times. hysterical.

"I am a black man raised by Nigerian parents -
I've heard the song three times.. . mostly by accident."
It wasn't until tonight that I realized who the "Matt"
in title of the posting was.

Matt Maher
now these videos are on replay.



I've started to carry my camera around with me,
just like my purse. My phone, as fancy as it may look, doesn't take clear pictures. They turn out digitally 'fuzzed' and I can never get the zoom to work when I want it to.

So whenever I pick up my purse to head out of the apartment, I sling my camera around my shoulder as well. There have been so many times, I've said to myself, Aggghhh _ i wish I had my camera. Now... it's right in the backseat.

This past weekend was my dad's birthday, so on Wednesday night I planned on cooking a gourmet meal for my parents and I. Yesterday after school, I headed straight from Central Ave to 22 Lewis with a menu all sketched out in my head. _threw a giant load of laundry in the washer and headed back out to the grocery store to pick the goods for the meal in progress. After pulling into the parking spot, I started to shut all the windows and my sunroof - then stopped. Opened them back up and started taking these pictures. Thanks to that camera that was sitting in the basket in the back of my car. Even snapped a couple on the way home, pulling over to catch the sunset.

The meal was delayed 20 minutes or so .. .
but I made sure to set some appetizers out..


on the water

last thursday in youth club, we read matthew 14.22-33 where Jesus, walks upon water and calms the storm. where peter steps out onto the water, only to begin sinking. Jesus then reaches out and saves him.

there's nothing like hearing the 9 year old responses and questions to what we learn every week. there's a reason we are told to have child.like faith. We ended with Psalm 50:15 and then one of the girls asked if she could close the group in prayer. Her words couldn't have been more honest and heartfelt - just talking directly to God.

this passage from matthew has been going through my head all week. and even though tomorrow we have a new lesson, i still seem to be focusing on last week's verses.

I know my life is in the hands of the Almighty. I don't doubt that for a second. I know that he loves me with more than I can even imagine. with all my scratches and dents, and holes and missing parts. And I trust him entirely with my life. I guess what is so hard, so absolutely hard - so much so that my heart hurts sometimes is trusting that in the end.. it -- - life ---- will seem to work itself out --- now doesn't that sound silly?? I guess what I mean.. that even in the toughest times. of pain -with sickness, and uncertainty and loneliness that it is all for something. That the Bigger picture is for His good. And He knows exactly what that is.

That is just so hard for me. At least right now.. It's like my mom always says about the cross stitch. We see the back with its tangled stitches and knots. And God sees the front - the beautiful picture.

I guess what I just wish for right now is --- to be on that boat.
I would jump at the chance.


In the Car

Why is it that somedays the only thing that can make you feel better is
turning the knob on your car radio ---all the way to the right, til it goes no further. . Singing until you lose your voice. And dancing with all you got?
what a rush! i'll take even a little miley.

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Popcorn and Pickles

So before heading home for the day, I stopped at Walgreens. I'm standing in the aisle choosing between soaps. Bar soap, Softsoap, Dove? Big decisions, i know.
While over of the loud speaker, a man with a familiar name is called to to 'receiving'.
I'm frozen. Absolutely _ heart in throat.

It couldn't be?! No, not possible.

Well, of course I walked quickly back to wherever I thought 'receiving' was. The pharmacy maybe? I couldn't leave without just checking. It wasn't who I had thought -- - hoped it was > of course not. The manager appeared needing to sign a slip from the delivery man.

And I ended up realizing when I got home that I had left without my soap. Figures.

After a month _ but still.
I ate the popcorn and pickles that were part of your goodbye gift, well, your 'drive home' gift. Couldn't stand looking at it anymore. But the traces of your 'familiar name' are still all around me.



Surprise, Alli!

Tag you're it!

When you read this and are crazZy surprised... .
then I will give you the lock down passwords and all.
And the journey will begin.



This word unshakable keeps appearing .. . reminding me how awesome and powerful God truly is. How worthy of our praise _
Every day and every single night.

And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and joyfully giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the kingdom of light.
Colossians 1.10-12

A new song on 99.1

Always been a favorite.. . lyrics take your breath away





the porch

Can't get the thought of those wrap around porches out of my head. You know the ones_where the whole front of the house opens its arms to you as you pass by. All I want to do is sit and rock back and forth in a rocking chair all afternoon and into the night, listening as the crickets begin their song.

Monday nights are my riding lessons at Lord Stirling in Basking Ridge. Every time I leave the stable, I can't help but just bask in the beauty of the experience. Everything about that one hour I wish to capture in a glass jar and hold onto forever and ever. Every sound and sight, yes and even, smell _ perfect.

Not only is there something about being so connected and close to such an animal. But there is something I can't put words to _ feeling their response to you, as the rider and companion as you walk them to and from the stable. It is all there in their eyes.

Tonight_ I was captivated. There is truly no other word for it.

The leaves are just about changing color and the autumn smell was filling the crisp cool air. A flock of geese called out, forming their prominent shape before heading up and out into the distance. The moon which is nearly full on this very night, rose above the treeline, filling the sky with its light. Several horses off in the distance were put out for the night, making a meal of the grass beneath them. Church bells sang a familiar hymn from a block away and the dim yellow lights from homes beyond peeked through the trees. All serenaded by the calming hum of the crickets. The moths surrendered to the lights and fluttered about. My horse and I following the directions of my instructor. I could go around and around that circle endlessly.

I don't want to leave. I want to live there. In that moment.. .With my wrap around porch.