on the water

last thursday in youth club, we read matthew 14.22-33 where Jesus, walks upon water and calms the storm. where peter steps out onto the water, only to begin sinking. Jesus then reaches out and saves him.

there's nothing like hearing the 9 year old responses and questions to what we learn every week. there's a reason we are told to have child.like faith. We ended with Psalm 50:15 and then one of the girls asked if she could close the group in prayer. Her words couldn't have been more honest and heartfelt - just talking directly to God.

this passage from matthew has been going through my head all week. and even though tomorrow we have a new lesson, i still seem to be focusing on last week's verses.

I know my life is in the hands of the Almighty. I don't doubt that for a second. I know that he loves me with more than I can even imagine. with all my scratches and dents, and holes and missing parts. And I trust him entirely with my life. I guess what is so hard, so absolutely hard - so much so that my heart hurts sometimes is trusting that in the end.. it -- - life ---- will seem to work itself out --- now doesn't that sound silly?? I guess what I mean.. that even in the toughest times. of pain -with sickness, and uncertainty and loneliness that it is all for something. That the Bigger picture is for His good. And He knows exactly what that is.

That is just so hard for me. At least right now.. It's like my mom always says about the cross stitch. We see the back with its tangled stitches and knots. And God sees the front - the beautiful picture.

I guess what I just wish for right now is --- to be on that boat.
I would jump at the chance.

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