Staples says to.. .

i went to Staples today to pick up a few things.
walked up and down the aisles
.more than i needed to.
just forcing myself to move
.legs one in front of the other.
altogether.. .

stumbled upon this.
.just stared at it.
for at least a minute.

kinda feels like i just stick this straight on my forehead.


repeat after me

He laughed for at least five full minutes.
had to leave the classroom to try to catch his breath
.. . and then started up again when he got back.

all because i had him repeat after me "big to small or small to big?"
.we were converting measurements.
afterschool practice work.
whatever it was that led to the perpetual giggles.
belly elementary school laughing.
the kind that you can't stop no matter what.

i was transported elsewhere.
away from anything else.
and for a glimmer. a mere glimmer.
i felt not a single weight or real worry.
and remembered what that was like.

a fresh breath.
and then it was gone.

.the favorite part of my day


two things i found and loved today

Number One

Yes.. . i am a lover of all things Downton Abbey. 
{like I am sure many of you}

especially Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham
played by Maggie Smith


Number Two

this Caedmon's Call cd was all i listened to for a time in college. 
My CD player stumbled upon it today
Quite purposefully as things happen.

how ironic that my blog title circles around the same theme as some of the lyrics
[cause if the birds and the flowers survive, then i'll make it ok

This song Table for Two. and this line is of my favorites.
"that i've forgot what House I live in"