tangled with Tess

today, i picked up Tess.tula from the vet.
she went from here.. .

.to here

to finally here 

in under four minutes. 

this car montage reminded me of a great.  ..and i mean great, 
sarcasticly, classic video - i fell in love with a whole long time ago.

it's the reason i made my family see Tangled this summer over vacation. 
which they had already seen. .. and yes, it's Uhhh.Amazing.ly great too. 

Who doesn't like having fun in the car?

only losers
Big losers with turdy pants. 

Here's to a brand new HAPPY Year. 


téa and me.

.i've always had a thing for Téa Leoni
i think it was ever since the Family Man.
a C+/B- contemporary version of A Christmas Carol with Nicholas Cage whom I'm not particularly a fan.

Recently, I discovered Madam Secretary.
I've watched all of the episodes via OnDemand within the last week.
i'm addicted.

It's nice having her back in my life.

and from Pandora. it's scary how well it knows me.


Erasing Life's Wrinkles

i can't tell you how many times i've read this book.
tonight's passage slapped me across the face. 
her books often do that. good pain. 

Cold Tangerines
Shauna Niequist

"For me, what God said when he made the world is a prayer: 
It is good. 

This world, it is good. 
The beauty of a perfect green apple is good. 
The first steps of a child are good. .. 
I have to remind myself that it is good. 
I have to create hope in my life, because there's something inside me that has radar for the bad parts of life. 
I walk into the kitchen and all I can see are crumbs on the counter, and I look in the mirror 
and don't even see my face, i just see all the potential wrinkles forming. 
I have a dark, worst-case scenario sensor, and it takes over. 
It's all true. 
There are crumbs on the counter. 
I am definitely getting wrinkles. 

I just don't want to live in only that reality. 
Because there is another reality. A better one. Hope and redemption and change are real, 
and they're happening all around me. 
So I choose to act out of that reality, because the other one makes life too hard, day after day. Life is painful, and we carry with us so much disappointment and heartbreak. 
But I'm fighting to save some space inside me where I can create hope. 
I can't live there in disappointment anymore. 
I've missed whole seasons of my life. I look back and all i remember is pain. ..

It's rebellious, in a way, to choose joy, to choose to dance, to choose to love your life. 
It's much easier and much more common to be miserable. But I choose to do what I can do to create hope, to celebrate life, and the act of celebrating connects me back to that life I love."


God made the ugly fruit too

a whole lot i like about this song 
the lyrics to this hymn i've always loved.
Let thy grace, like a fetter,
bind my wandering heart to thee.
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, 
prone to leave the God I love;
here's my heart, 
O take and seal it for thy courts above.

but this version .. . 

there's some funky offbeat going on. 
i'm sure that's not how to technically - musically - describe it. 
but You know exactly what i'm talking about. 

i'm a fan of all things like that. 
.out of the ordinary

give me navy and black any day
stripes and polka dots.
even the cat scratches all over the edging of my wooden furniture i'm starting to be a fan of, Jayden's weathered it. 

regular - or what may seem like "perfection"  - is plain ole boring. 

i actually just stumbled upon this ad campaign when i turned on my computer now.
via NPR. [great homepage] 

i'll link it below and you can do your own research. 
all i'm going to say is it is Uhhhhh.amazing. 
No white bread - ho hum - walk the liner came up with that. 

Original, creative .. . offbeat thinking. 


raindrops and roses and Christmas cards from the mailman

these are a few of my favorite things
[you were singing that weren't you?] 

1. this Christmas card from my mailman!
Yes.. Brian apparently is his name.
this made me seriously happy

2. The Convos with my 2-year old WebSeries

I have been watching these for the past week or so.
Leaves me cackling.
Can't wait to show a few to my students.
ones without grown men in underwear though. no worries.

3. on repeat this week.


thank you, NPR

not going to say anything to ruin this for you. 
Missing? Found? .. . either way - boy, do i wish i had been on that boat. 


via NPR

can't sleep

might as well stay up at this point