wasting time productively

I watched a YouTube video last week where some hipster guy mocked Pinterest. .. and then in the end went full circle saying how it was useful for even people like him.

There are times when I could be using my time more wisely .. . but I do find endless teaching resources - lesson plans - templates -
on there. along with fashion ideas, recipes {many which i'm waiting to try} and so much more.

Whether or not others think it is frivolous - I could care less.
I'm sticking with you, Pinterest.

If you want to find me .. .
it's Kimberly Anne (liliesoffield)

Here are some recent pins in my q.uotes and Life List folder.


early morning dreams

i woke up this morning. 
my mind still in a dream.
_ was sitting with my mom at a table somewhere talking.

she was as clear as day. i could touch her. 
could see her freckled, ever so wrinkled face.
.her beauty.
i could feel her presence. 
her absolute warmth.

i knew if i woke to real consciousness i would lose her. ..
but my alarm clock beckoned.
the only way to keep it real was to tell someone
:so i reached out to my sister.
texted her immediately.
in my mind, if i told her my mom was near_ she wouldn't really be gone for the morning.
she'd remain close.
there is no logic.
.i get that.

.and i'm ok with it.

these are the two songs for today.
the first i just heard on the ride home. and so very fitting for this week.
You know how to toss 'em my way.

the second: an oldie but ohhh. so goodie.

Is there anything better than His comfort? 
I can always find the deepest breath. in His name. 



the u.turn

time doesn't make it easier. 
the pain that is in my heart is still as raw and physically real in the deepest moments of heartache as two years ago. 

i tried to go to my mom's grave today. 
i ended up having to do a u.turn in the middle of the street after a serious. meltdown. 
i know she's not at the gravesite.

i don't know what made me feel like i had to go.. . the fact that it has been two years
Two years since i have seen her. 
Touched her. Held her. 
Talked to her.

I know she would say I'm not there - I'm with Jesus. Don't make yourself upset. 

Time doesn't make it easier. 
My heart still aches. 
i know where she is. 
but i want to be next to her.

from today


mannequins on the toilet

ok. this is AWESOME.
i so miss Polaroid.
but two questions.
Why the creepy mannequin?
and what is with the girl developing a photo on the toilet?


picture story

I went to Starbucks today - in hopes they would have the new Mumford my sister had told me about a few days ago.
I wanted the real thing. Not some electronic - i.phonic. I.tunic. musical download. 
low and behold it was there along with the new Avett brothers. 
.Picked a pumpkin Latte to boot. 


still my song will sing Your praise unending

I have so much to write about.
So many things to share about the start of school.
So i'll start slow.
.with just one song.
be on the look out for new posts coming soon.

This song has been on repeat in my car.

i start the day off with it.
and end with it on my ride home.
.The LYRICS. help to direct me where i should be .focused.

i could listen to it for several more weeks.  
morning and evening 


Back to School Geese

this morning i woke up to my mom's beautiful face.
she was smiling So brightly.
so clearly.
so healthy.. .
like i haven't seen in almost two years.

today was also the first day of school.
the first day with the kids.
and not my fourth graders.
my little itty bitty second grade love bugs.
remember this post
well, that is what it was about.

and i've been going into this school year wishing and wanting to sit on the den couch with the tv on in the background and just gabber and chatter with my mom about this.

but i've had to push that all down though, cause if i think too long on it.. then i just get way too sad.
honestly, i still can't deal with it.

so i'd rather focus on her beautiful face that woke me up this morning
or think about the giant flock of geese that flew super low and directly overhead as i walked up my stoop with Tess at 6:45 am.  

or this song that just so happens to come on as on typing away.
happy ... then really, really sad tears.

i know it's You, God.

but i can't help but think that my mom is behind it somehow.


although i will never attempt a marathon

Why is Subaru always trying to tear so hard at my heartstrings? 
I may just end up getting one because of their commercials. 



away above the chimney tops

you're not special, Everyone is

Listen 6:57
too true 
.so sad.

Climb the mountain to see the world, not so the world can see you.
Go to Paris to BE in Paris,
 not to cross it off your list and congratulate yourself for being worldly. 

.what a message _ not only for graduates but for all of us.


an escape from the world i'm in

Cougar Town is on my top ten list.
The characters are unlike any other. 
Honestly, I can't name a show that is similar in style. 

The music is well chosen, to boot. 
Always a plus. 
Spot on throughout the show to the end. 
Bulls-eye to your heart.

Tonight, I watched the season finale. .. I won't ruin it for you.
Even though I am pretty late in watching it.
It was pretty dreamy. life lister for me.
Below is the song that closed the episode.

When you get a chance, watch the show:: :
The episode .My Life.

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

I know you left me standing there
Out of the calm of the coldest air
I don't believe the words you said
But I can't find the words I want
Oh, I can't find the words I want

If you were gone in another life
I don't believe I would just survive
I could feel you next to me
An escape from the world I'm in
Oh, I'm afraid of the world I'm in

One day I will see Heaven's reach
I'll find the one who left me sleeping
Every war was another seed
That could feed every soul in need
Oh, I'm worn by the war in me

Somebody found me here
Somebody held my breath
Somebody saved me from the world you left
If you're gonna cry my tears
If you're gonna hold my breath
If you're gonna let me see the sun you set
Oh, I am lost and found
Oh, I am lost and found

Somebody found me here
Somebody held my breath
Somebody saved me from the world you left
If you're gonna cry my tears
If you're gonna hold my breath
If you're gonna let me see the sun you set
Oh, I am lost and found
Oh, I am lost and found


dear michael francis,

the rainbow keeps chasing us down. 
i think that means something.

.read. the WORDS



never enough pocky

For the last few weeks, I have been receiving gifts of Pocky from two students in my class. 
They know I beyond love it. .. 
they know it makes me beyond happy.  
and who wouldn't want to make their teacher happy at the end of the school year? 
I am hoping to get another special delivery this week.
i won't lie. 

if you've never had ... you can get it @ amazon. 
I will be ordering a large shipment come June 22: the end of the school year. 
i can't wait until september.


cassette tapes of my life

ever since i've been in junior school, i've been obsessed with .soundtracks. 
i probably have 100 cassette tapes in large tupperware containers in dusty bins at my parents' house. 

playing them would surely rewind and drop me to a simpler place and time 
.to that naive little girl. 

i think in many ways, i am a bigger version of her today 
for better or worse. 
and my love of soundtracks remains. 

I often hear soundtracks playing in my mind,  as i go about my day. 
i'm not sure if this is 'normal' _ but i'm ok with that. 
the songs vary from day to day. 

i heard this one today. 
this song feels like one that belongs on daily repeat.  

.made it to the coastline. 


lovely pink yarn

back in february, i met Pearl and the Beard at an Ingrid concert and was blown again. 
They are absolutely talented, FUNKY and overall fun to listen to. 

lovin on this song and video i stumbled upon tonight. 


musical DVR brothers

my days of live television are over.
everything i watch is from my DVR, rented HBO or movies.

and I'm lovin' on "musicals" like Glee and Smash.. .
I'm amazed at the quality of the actors' voices.

In this one Glee episode, Blaine's brother, Cooper comes back to shell out acting advice.
He is, in real life, a famous actor from the television series White Collar.

Nevertheless. Who knew he could sing?
Which is a big part of the reason, why i sit here on my couch, jaw dropped at this duet.

Blaine is not happy to see his big brother back . .. until the last scene.
This is the start of reconciliation.


House. call

you can always find a good song at the end of a House episode.
this was tonight's.. .

[lyrics] .. . these hit a spot deep in my heart. 


i'm not .Hungry yet

I've got to be honest.
I don't know much about the Hunger Games.
Any bits and pieces of plot I have heard from my students and/or friends.

Maybe, I will read it this summer. 
Although, I have a list of 20 or so books on my 'to read' list and it is ever.growing.

If they are cool enough though to have the Civil Wars playing in the background of their movie, 
filling the "Hunger phenomenon" with music that makes my heart beat through my chest
_ then maybe, just maybe the book will move to the front of my shelf.



a look into some recent You.tube favorites.
the second just makes me giggle_ not matter how many times i watch it.
it's basically my conversations with Tess and Jayden
{but of course the man factor makes it even more humorous}


when i get older

All i have to say is Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
I can think of so many awesome things to do with this song and my students. 
it's .inspirational. 

i will be STRONGER.

in the round.tower of my heart

My class has just begun our Poetry unit. .. while also preparing for state testing.
It just so happens that one of the writing prompts was this beautiful poem by Longfellow.
: each line.
: takes my breath away.

While I read it to the class in preparation for them to respond, I noticed one boy smiling and chuckling sincerely at certain lines. 

It was one of the most precious things I have seen all year long.
here is the poem in its entirety to read at your own pace. 


dear Google Chrome,

i don't like you. 
thanks for making me sad.

goings on in 7H

i walked to Kings yesterday.
my sister was proud of me.
i was exhausted..
[yes, it was only a bit down the street.]
but i was lugging three giant bags of groceries.
through the underground train station.

inside one of the bags was THIS.
i splurged. 
it was.. . [deep BREATH]]] ] 
yes, but not only in price.

Hot chocolate is one of those things that you might as well Not have _ unless it makes your soul quiver.
and honestly, if i need to spend that much i will. 

it will last for a few months. 

and i'll share. 

making a animated gif

i saw this commercial on tv the other day and my heart skipped a beat.
i'm pretty easy to impress

hoping it's not a disapointment. 
there is nothing that captures the feeling of boutique shopping though
especially attempting to do it with those awkward red carts and mismatched wheels
as much as i adore you, Target... .

and from my new beloved SMASH


my genie in a bottle

this photograph i've seen floating around for a while now.. .
makes me laugh every time i see it. 

found this one today.

wish i had him in pill form. 
pop a little "ferrell" to keep me going.


listening to right now

my You.Tube Favorites list basically plays on repeat:: and repeat. and repeat 
even though i have enough CDs to fill a landfill. 
at least my laptop travels with me from room to room. 
even wobbling on the bathroom sink while i'm in the shower. 
here are some .recent. ones


Menu: DVR: Recordings: SMASH

if you haven't yet. 
.better get on the ball.
i'm Loving everything about the show. 

especially this scene. 
come on, How could you resist? 


quit your day job soon.. .maybe

I have come across so many beautiful and inspiring food blogs lately 
I feel as if I need to quit teaching to stay home and cook. 
Clearly, I wouldn't have money to purchase the goods to even start the meal. 
So scratch that idea.
.for now at least. 
I'll gather my list of sites and share later - but drop you just a teaser from Proud Italian Cook
Just stare with me. .. 

{it's happening isn't it? . ..you need a napkin}
broiled apricots stuffed with sweetened mascarpone topped with blackberry and honey 


while setting my alarm

strange how the second i'm setting my alarm,
in a pretty low. low. Low spot.  about to most likely cry myself to sleep.. .
i hear this.
just set out before me.




take notice

three things that caught my attention today

this magnet on my refrigerator
there are tons of things on there _so for anything to catch my eye is pretty impressive these days.
.this seemed to grab me by the collar as i walked by though. 

these lyrics sound all too familiar. ..
One step forward, two steps back
so funny I forgot to laugh

[more lyrics]

covering the hill on the front lawn. .. 
they will be there for just a few days surely 
but that will make me happy enough

.and this extra from last night. 
[could they be any cuter?]


find the six degrees of separation

i am constantly amazed at how quickly i am able to access information: from my phone or the computer.
it makes my mind stir.

and in many ways it changes how i teach.. . this is for yet another post*
tonight, though i spent almost 45 minutes searching for this commercial _ because i Loved the song.
it was UNUSUALLY hard to find.

Artist - Antfood

Challenge of the day - go back up to the title and write a comment for extra credit points. .. .



just found this today.
i think i'm a bit behind the times.
.i have a feeling i should have know about it.

but it's salve for my soul.

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Bon Ivers {about the lyrics: stacks}


what kind of prayers are you praying Right now?

i stumbled upon both of these videos within two weeks of each other.
i Need to listen. 

these are powerful words. 
i suggest watching them through
[ignore any attempts at artisty close.ups and hear the words


we will open our eyes Wider

today was one of those days when i came home and had the strongest urge to pick up the phone
and call my mom. ..

just to have a simple, every day check in. how are you.
i love you. i need you. i wanna hear your voice phone call.

lets just say_i had to keep moving when my brain once again realized i couldn't do that.
it is like that still to this day.

of course, when i opened up You.Tube today this appeared.
gave me .goosebumps when i heard the .lyrics.


this. makes me smile

i'm not sure why. really
_ but i'm fine with that.
i continue to stare at it.

pretty much know i'll never get the $595.00 to stare at it on my on walls.
there's the same chance of getting a live elephant in my own living room.


two pins

a little nail polish does go a long way.

creating new outfits after shopping in your closet


enjoyed on this. day

{1 - one bag in a tall glass of ice cold water. just a hint of taste. perfection} {2} {3} {4}


Come whisper in my ear

so this weekend i discovered Him.
he's been here all along.

and i've gotta admit i've fallen head over heels.
he can whisper in My. ear not Tess's.

Funny thing is _ we [Jayden, Tess and I - feline, canine and woman] watched Cesar episodes 
back to back this weekend
. all on the couch together
Spent the night basking in his glory
.. . and This is what i woke up to.

A chewed up book.
Marley and Me - nonetheless. 
[How the Heck?!!? did she pull THAT specific book off the shelf.
did i not notice it teetering on the edge for days now?

note her bone pefectly beside it.
tricky girl.

i couldn't have even positioned it that perfectly.
the spine still soaking wet.

dirt pulled from the plant.
this was what i caught her doing as i came down the steps.

and mulch pieces chewed into bits on the rug. 
i fear if i had not come down when i did, it could have been quite a scene.

Now, my little girl has left me with messes of astronomic magnitudes.

I came home once to an apartment full of gas
[she somehow managed to turn the knobs on the stove.top]
and a kitchen torn to shreds: the blinds ripped from the windows.

Jayden checking it all out. ... 
take notice of the Nature's Miracle bottle to the left. 
Of course, Tess had an accident in the mess of this all
_ One of her ongoing issues.

So this is absolutely nothing.
making it even more entertaining actually
I find it quite ironic that after nearly six or so months of perfection she decides to act up
Really, like REALLY???.

. ..just so we can get Cesar over here.

Mama wouldn't mind.
not one bit.