goings on in 7H

i walked to Kings yesterday.
my sister was proud of me.
i was exhausted..
[yes, it was only a bit down the street.]
but i was lugging three giant bags of groceries.
through the underground train station.

inside one of the bags was THIS.
i splurged. 
it was.. . [deep BREATH]]] ] 
yes, but not only in price.

Hot chocolate is one of those things that you might as well Not have _ unless it makes your soul quiver.
and honestly, if i need to spend that much i will. 

it will last for a few months. 

and i'll share. 

making a animated gif

i saw this commercial on tv the other day and my heart skipped a beat.
i'm pretty easy to impress

hoping it's not a disapointment. 
there is nothing that captures the feeling of boutique shopping though
especially attempting to do it with those awkward red carts and mismatched wheels
as much as i adore you, Target... .

and from my new beloved SMASH

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