the u.turn

time doesn't make it easier. 
the pain that is in my heart is still as raw and physically real in the deepest moments of heartache as two years ago. 

i tried to go to my mom's grave today. 
i ended up having to do a u.turn in the middle of the street after a serious. meltdown. 
i know she's not at the gravesite.

i don't know what made me feel like i had to go.. . the fact that it has been two years
Two years since i have seen her. 
Touched her. Held her. 
Talked to her.

I know she would say I'm not there - I'm with Jesus. Don't make yourself upset. 

Time doesn't make it easier. 
My heart still aches. 
i know where she is. 
but i want to be next to her.

from today

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