making room for change

the word CHANGE has been rolling around in my head lately.
i can't figure it out.

I am a stubborn girl. 
anyone who knows me. 
will tell you that. 
i won't hide it_ there's no trying to. 
so change IS tough.

i'm used to accepting bad changes that arise. 
wait.. . maybe not USED to them. .
more like recognizing how life is at any point ready to punch you in the gut with them
.. .[ bad to think like that, huh?] 

also a fan of the good - simple changes. 
a fresh new hair cut
finding a new recipe
meeting a new girlfriend you can talk to 

all the good changes seem so silly in comparison to the bad, when you type them out.

this past week, i snuck in to talk to my boss and tossed out an idea that may throw some more changes my way. 
potentially a big change, who knows? 
not sure i'm ready for it. 
maybe i'm just adding additional stress to my life. 

point is,
with change.. . if we never really know what our future holds and only know Whose hands our life is held in, then the "difficult" change shouldn't be so overwhelming right? 
.. so "knock the breath" right outta you.. .?

doesn't that seem to make sense?

it all just still spins around.. . and continues.
seems the word, CHANGE, is a stubborn one as well. 

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