memories waiting to be remembered

i had a very vivid memory of my mother a few days ago.
one i would of never recalled in conversation.

it simply had to be.

i was sitting on the edge of my bed brushing my hair and instead of yanking it all from the bottom
_ i held it at the edge of my head and brushed to the ends gently.

The knots all came smoothly out without a pain.

It was the strangest feeling.
I had in .THAT .very .moment become my mother in the simplest, silliest way.
i didn't even realize what i had done. ..twenty years later, the last time she brushed my hair like that.

I remember the days when she used to do that regularly.
I used to moan and groan_ and she used to tell my sister
and I the silly things her mother would say when she brushed her hair as a little girl.
"I'll show you what really hurts!"
We couldn't believe how our grandmother would tease her
.. . and we were jealous we never had the opportunity to ever meet her.

i'm a lucky girl to have such special memories of my mom. but it makes me So. sad to know that my future children are never going to know their grandmother. maybe one day, i'll be able to show them how she taught me how to brush my hair just so right.

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  1. What an absolutely priceless, precious photo and moment remembered. I love to hear how your wonderful mother's qualities have been passed along to her daughters.