i heart teaching: reason #8 : versions of reality

In my mind, Ireland always looks like this scene from P.S. I Love You.

the backdrop, all green rolling hills, bright purple flowers

Today one of my students told me 
[during a lesson on writing definitions]
that Ireland was a country where people wore a lot of hats. 
yup.. . 

not a joke. 
.straight face and all. 

i don't know if this is what he was picturing

or this

 i've got to be honest. 
i did giggle a little. too loudly. when i was standing there in front of him. 
[i think because i imagined the first picture]

luckily, he's the type of kid who can realize i wasn't laughing at him.
.more at the situation. 

he laughed with me. and we then revised his definition: deleting the hat part. 

i later suggested, kindly, that during library he check out a book on Ireland. 
_when he returned he couldn't seem to put it down.

i guess his images of ireland are no sillier than mine. 
a country full of gerard butlers - gentle, mild mannered romantics.

.i guess it's all about our own versions of reality.

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