simple happiness today

using Pinterest to actually create 
.. . craft .. be productive. 

i made these with my nieces out in michigan a few weeks ago.




this is what actual the pin looked like 
{i'm liking my niece's work ABOVE better.. but i'm a bit biased}

a .board of activities. are pinned for the spring and summer
there's not much yet.
but it will fill up quickly just like the rest.
i have a mind's eye list a few pages long

Majestic No.5 Trash Receptacle

one of my favorite things in my apartment 
.although i never use it. 
an old garbage receptacle that allows pick.up outside. 

they still pick up my garbage 
[i'm indeed a lucky gal] .. 
but my bags are always too big to fit in this tiny wall can. 
i use the window to dump the goods. 

my dad seems to think someone is going to crawl in it one day. 
he would love to nail wooden boards over it. 
that would just ruin all its charm though
who would be able to fit through there? 


ThiS little girl.. 
waggin' her tail at the front door. 
.in my bedroom. 
.in the kitchen. 
.in the laundry room. 
she's one happy girl. 
who LOVEs her mama

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