four simple plus.es

i am trying my hardest to look forward to the .spring. 
many challenging things are headed my way. 
many things i did not see coming as i looked into the future.

it seems that's how it always is, right? 
never as planned. 

so i'm choosing to think about some simple positives to get me through 
one day at time. 
cause that's all i can ask for. 

.simple beauty of the spring flowers. 
choosing some flowers and plants for the stoop
check out the Photobotanicus series by photographer Barry Rosenthal 
i originally found this through the online Anthology Magazine
Beautiful work to get you excited about what will be appearing in the next few weeks. 

_a new bike_ 
Will be needing this to get around  
I'm loving these vintage.y. ones.
with a basket, of course?! 

.the discovery of Hillsong NYC. 
{which is a few years old now}
considering I live directly across from the train station
this is super.Grand

visiting the LIBRARY on a regular basis
{check out these coasters from HouseofSixCats}
created by Kate @Chicalookate

Source: etsy.com via Kimberly on Pinterest

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