Come whisper in my ear

so this weekend i discovered Him.
he's been here all along.

and i've gotta admit i've fallen head over heels.
he can whisper in My. ear not Tess's.

Funny thing is _ we [Jayden, Tess and I - feline, canine and woman] watched Cesar episodes 
back to back this weekend
. all on the couch together
Spent the night basking in his glory
.. . and This is what i woke up to.

A chewed up book.
Marley and Me - nonetheless. 
[How the Heck?!!? did she pull THAT specific book off the shelf.
did i not notice it teetering on the edge for days now?

note her bone pefectly beside it.
tricky girl.

i couldn't have even positioned it that perfectly.
the spine still soaking wet.

dirt pulled from the plant.
this was what i caught her doing as i came down the steps.

and mulch pieces chewed into bits on the rug. 
i fear if i had not come down when i did, it could have been quite a scene.

Now, my little girl has left me with messes of astronomic magnitudes.

I came home once to an apartment full of gas
[she somehow managed to turn the knobs on the stove.top]
and a kitchen torn to shreds: the blinds ripped from the windows.

Jayden checking it all out. ... 
take notice of the Nature's Miracle bottle to the left. 
Of course, Tess had an accident in the mess of this all
_ One of her ongoing issues.

So this is absolutely nothing.
making it even more entertaining actually
I find it quite ironic that after nearly six or so months of perfection she decides to act up
Really, like REALLY???.

. ..just so we can get Cesar over here.

Mama wouldn't mind.
not one bit.

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