Back to School Geese

this morning i woke up to my mom's beautiful face.
she was smiling So brightly.
so clearly.
so healthy.. .
like i haven't seen in almost two years.

today was also the first day of school.
the first day with the kids.
and not my fourth graders.
my little itty bitty second grade love bugs.
remember this post
well, that is what it was about.

and i've been going into this school year wishing and wanting to sit on the den couch with the tv on in the background and just gabber and chatter with my mom about this.

but i've had to push that all down though, cause if i think too long on it.. then i just get way too sad.
honestly, i still can't deal with it.

so i'd rather focus on her beautiful face that woke me up this morning
or think about the giant flock of geese that flew super low and directly overhead as i walked up my stoop with Tess at 6:45 am.  

or this song that just so happens to come on as on typing away.
happy ... then really, really sad tears.

i know it's You, God.

but i can't help but think that my mom is behind it somehow.

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