Popcorn and Pickles

So before heading home for the day, I stopped at Walgreens. I'm standing in the aisle choosing between soaps. Bar soap, Softsoap, Dove? Big decisions, i know.
While over of the loud speaker, a man with a familiar name is called to to 'receiving'.
I'm frozen. Absolutely _ heart in throat.

It couldn't be?! No, not possible.

Well, of course I walked quickly back to wherever I thought 'receiving' was. The pharmacy maybe? I couldn't leave without just checking. It wasn't who I had thought -- - hoped it was > of course not. The manager appeared needing to sign a slip from the delivery man.

And I ended up realizing when I got home that I had left without my soap. Figures.

After a month _ but still.
I ate the popcorn and pickles that were part of your goodbye gift, well, your 'drive home' gift. Couldn't stand looking at it anymore. But the traces of your 'familiar name' are still all around me.

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