the porch

Can't get the thought of those wrap around porches out of my head. You know the ones_where the whole front of the house opens its arms to you as you pass by. All I want to do is sit and rock back and forth in a rocking chair all afternoon and into the night, listening as the crickets begin their song.

Monday nights are my riding lessons at Lord Stirling in Basking Ridge. Every time I leave the stable, I can't help but just bask in the beauty of the experience. Everything about that one hour I wish to capture in a glass jar and hold onto forever and ever. Every sound and sight, yes and even, smell _ perfect.

Not only is there something about being so connected and close to such an animal. But there is something I can't put words to _ feeling their response to you, as the rider and companion as you walk them to and from the stable. It is all there in their eyes.

Tonight_ I was captivated. There is truly no other word for it.

The leaves are just about changing color and the autumn smell was filling the crisp cool air. A flock of geese called out, forming their prominent shape before heading up and out into the distance. The moon which is nearly full on this very night, rose above the treeline, filling the sky with its light. Several horses off in the distance were put out for the night, making a meal of the grass beneath them. Church bells sang a familiar hymn from a block away and the dim yellow lights from homes beyond peeked through the trees. All serenaded by the calming hum of the crickets. The moths surrendered to the lights and fluttered about. My horse and I following the directions of my instructor. I could go around and around that circle endlessly.

I don't want to leave. I want to live there. In that moment.. .With my wrap around porch.

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