whole foods grass

whole foods has a fun section of jewelry made from around the world, hand woven clothing, inspirational artwork, cards and magnets. I'm big on the last two. I collect cards in general. Have almost an armoire full of cards that i have stashed away over the years that touch my heart. this spot or that, of my sappy 31 year.old one.

i have used but just a few of these paper gems.. . after all, it's rare to find a well written and illustrated card. so... i buy them when i see them. even if they are $3.95. that's really besides the point. even if i need that money for milk, right?

i bought this magnet a while back...

perfect. isn't it?

doesn't it make you smile.
and your heart just.. .   [sigh]]]]  ]

there are days when i feel like i'm that little blade of grass.. you too?

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