a bruised tongue and brand new car

it’s been a while.
funny how blogging can become such a routine part of your life_ that you miss it.

Today was the first day back in my classroom after almost a week’s absence. Nothing like seeing your students’ smiling faces when they realize you are back. That feels good. Feels great actually.

Let me rewind for you.. several years ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Had my first seizure on an airplane. Couldn’t choose a better spot, or so my brain thought..  until last Monday.. while in NYC’s Daniel. A restaurant where footstools are set out for your purse.

The last thing I remember is choosing my dessert.. and the next, a face – an EMT in a New York City emergency room - posing questions I couldn’t understand. The next three days are all a blur. All, but the security of my best friend, my sister, Allison who never left my side and sang Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus as an iv was administered. This hymn has the ability to slow my pulse… and has been used at times when panic all but overcomes my body.

After my release from the hospital, I spent the next few days at my parents’ house, who nursed this little girl ... back to health.
Bruised tongue and all.

I will admit there was a day or so in there, at 22 Lewis, when I was sassy and felt like the only safe haven was under the covers.. but now.. whether it be my own naivety or just plain silliness, I can’t help but Know..  with an assurance that this is already worked out for my own good. License gone for who knows how long. Brand new car going to waste in the parking lot. I don’t mind. In fact, I feel good. And I thank God for this past week.


  1. God bless you! Praying for you right now!

  2. Wow...I'm so thankful you're okay and that you were with your sister when it happened. That hymn is beautiful and the perfect one to calm the soul.

  3. oh no! i'm so sorry that happened. i will pray for you!