"which one do YOU like?"

Mama's Losin' It

It happened on a motorcycle

I went on a date with Shane, 
who my college roommate, Becky, 
had called ‘dibs’ on the first day of class…
But it didn’t count… if she had a boyfriend??? ? riGHt??? ?

He was the football player type _ the tan, cute .. .Buff guy in the corner.
I had my eye on another _ the quiet reserved one who was studying to be a pastor.
Turns out the football motorcyler, Shane, asked me out weeks later.

One ride on his motorcyle and I knew he wasn’t for me.
avoided him @ Wilbur’s Cafe next time I ran into him.

Wwhaatt was I thinking? .. .
I quite enjoyed the ride.

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  1. It's the pecks ... the stupid special power of the pecks. How I hate it so. Makes guys like me look like string beans.