needle and thread: step one

i once knew how to work the sewing machine 
that now sits in my parents' basement covered in piles of dusty books and old college notebooks.

i want to learn again. 
a new home already awaits it. 
.its very own corner. and table.

but i need to pull it from its dingy quarters @ 22 Lewis. 
then the two of us can get to know each other again. 
i have a lot of re.learning and new.learning to do. 

today i found my first sewing diy project on etsy.
the full.on step by step.s

i should set the goal of august as a due date Deadline.
but that may be a bit too ambitious.
seeing as i,m not sure i can sew a straight line yet. 
here's for hoping.. .


  1. I can teach you! And I would make one too! Love it!

  2. Oh!!! My!!... Goodness.. Thank You! I think with you as my teacher, a due date may be attainable ;;)