sunday 100.7/8

it's been a long time since the last sunday.one hundred.
i have a lot of catch.up to play.
that's ok.
i've been doing it./// / /just not online.
all around in my notebooks/ here and there.

that's where i'll start.

39. my notebooks
post.it pads, bulleted notes
they are everywhere.
and i honestly have started to feel like a writer.
it's funny because. i teach my students about this. and make an effort to refer to them as 'writers' so they can own their work.
own their words.
it seems though, that once i started this blog I can't stop the ideas from flowing out of me_wherever i may be. so i must have some means of recalling these ideas later on. If you remember I even have a method in the shower. ... 

38. the one hundred. by nina garcia.
[do the 'Look Inside']
a christmas present from my sister a few years back.
a book you can read over and over.
_not that you will ever do a front cover to back cover read.
a must buy for any fashionable gal out there.

37. when a blog friend turns into a real life friend. ahhhhhemmm. miss frankie.. .

36. the scene in Sleeping with the enemy with the adorably cute music teacher [0:30]
They're playing dress.up back stage.
Brown.eyed girl playing in the background.
who can forget that movie?
_ haunting.

35. this 3 X 3 inch section of a sketch i did in college.
copy of a famous Klimt piece.
The Kiss.
there's such emotion.. . .passion
.in just the hands.

detail from the Klimt's work:  in Vienna

34. All.TIME favorite song lyric line [1:39] ever.

33. wildflower gardens growing in the front yard.
reminds me of THAT scene when tristan returns in legends of the fall.
heart beating fast.

32. maidenhair ferns.
--- -  for more reasons than can be explained.
ingrid m.  can help.
'you say, that my skin feels like no one else's.
that it's different somehow. .. .  but i don't understand.'

31. old.old.old couples walking while holding hands.

30. target. period.

29. craftsman homes.
i've started a photo file on my flicker link to the right there.

28. cheesy gordita crunch.
although, faithful i have to ask the Taco Bell worker,
"what is the one called that is soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside?"
[they seem to enjoy it when i do that.]
i'll take junk food or quality good, five star [you know what you're doing] cooking.
No faking it.
Lasagna with prego sauce will Not do.
sorry. no in betweens.
it may not make sense to you,
but in my mouth/stomach's world the distinction is perfectly clear.

27. josh ritter _ lark lyrics.
i am assured peace will come to me.

26. an Ice cold corona. a lime is an added bonus.. but not needed. 

25. vintage window panes

one currently hangs in my bedroom 
another adorns my living room wall. 
bought it for a hundred and a half from a flea market in west virginia. 
beautiful turquoise and blue glass, all intact church windowpane. almost four feet wide across.

24. abagail, my girl. 
sometimes when i come to my parents' house i still expect to see her scurrying to the door. 
this was snapped a few years back when she lived with me for a bit. fresh outta the bath. 

23. the sound of a rocking chair. or is it the sensation of being IN a rocking chair?... 
may just be both. 
the repetition. 
back and forth 
back and forth. 

i'm a sucker for a good quote....  a "Quotable Quote". 
thinkexist.com is a smart place to hunt these down. 

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”   Helen Keller

After buying, these books [volume 2 and 5] at Michael's, I onced teased my sister about 
only talking in these catch phrases.  
She was entertained for about_ three minutes. 

21.  a surprise!.. . just because i care about you. gift.
these come far and few between. 
I've received a couple recently and they just about made my month! 
Don't they just make you feel like a million bucks?  i think it's time to send out a few _ or drop some off on doorsteps soon.

20. my mom's Annoying phone calls. 
i pretend like i hate them. 
but when i sit down and think about it..
i kinda love them.. cause i know she loves me more than anything else.

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