you can never have enough hot water

i've been known to take long showers. wait.. . that's in past tense.
i AM known as a long showerER.

years ago, when i lived at home, my dad would knock on the bathroom door, "the town just called about the hot water?!!? you used it all up." My long showers are not the source of my most recent dilemma though.

Thoughts roll around my mind like that an 18 wheeler. never ending. i replay conversations, in attempts to figure out what the other person meant by that subtle pause, when in reality, they just too many burritos for lunch. . .. .
In addition to conversations _ i have mental grocery lists, appointments that need to be scheduled, due dates, draft response letters to parents [if i send out the first 'knee-jerk' copy of these, i likely will be fired]

And if I never write these things down, what ends up happening, of course, i forget... having to return to the grocery store for that 12 pack of toilet paper. yes _ i know, a single girl, what do I do with 12 rolls...?

in the shower, i was drafting aloud a scoring rubric for an assignment, that needs to be corrected this weekend. "5 points if the assignment is neat and organized _ 10 points if the student used details from the book to support his/her predictions." By saying it out loud, i figured i would remember it.. .not so much. Half hour later, i was left with the dregs of this awesome "shower" rubric I had created.

Well, i figured it out by the time i had gotten dressed, not the rubric, that is_ how to fix this dilemma.

i solved a simple problem, the first problem of 2010. figured i can get the easy ones first. i know more are coming, real ones. but i was happy about the solution to this.

and i am going to have fun.. only problem is.. my showers may end up taking longer...

bathtub crayons. oh boy!


  1. if you find yourself writing "for a good time, call #$%-@%@@." you know you've got problems.