things that made me happy today _one

.a hug from a confused, but sweet lady at church_ after packin up her lunch. [long, but cute story]

.recognizing the constellations in the clear night sky _ even if it was 10 degrees out and I was holding 2 _30 pound bags of laundry in each hand.

.finding out there were HEATED seats in my new car.

.my mom telling me, “I’m proud of you.” And then later saying, “you look old.. [ok, that not so much _but the follow up of ] You look like a woman. I’ve never seen that before.”

.the party platter piece of turkey sloppy joe I ate as part of my lunch.

.my fat cat snoring right beside me as I type away in bed.

sweet dreams jayden.


  1. Wait ... what sort of car did you end up buying?

  2. hey!!!? Is this YOU??? Like the ReAL Brian?? Well_ Hey there!!!
    Just saw this now... that would be a volkswagen Jetta. i just zippin' round Summit and New Providence.. very carefully of course ;;)