a MacBook with a full battery

during the summer
i would purposefully get myself lost in the back roads of bernardsville and 'country' new jersey.
take a left
a right
ohhh.. never seen that dirt road before..
my thought was _ if you have your cell phone on you, and a full tank of gas... as long as it's light out, it's safe
[my dad would have to disagree]

throughout these adventures, i would always stumble upon
a place worthy of knowing, a person with good advice
or just a breath-taking view.

well, it's winter now,
and my four wheel drive car is gone.. i'm stuck to adventuring another route.

tonight, unusually so,
i didn't have much schoolwork..
and made the conscious decision to relax,
much needed for my mind and body.

To my chagrin though, all of my favorite
'television programming', Office included,
{ultimate thursday nighters, are you with me?}
were repeats.
i could have read, but once again, i opted for my MacBook and couch instead.. reading on that screen seems a
bit more ... lazy..
and i was in the mood for that.

my winter Internet adventures have led me to several
'places worthy of knowing'.
from blog to blog to blog _ it's like Christmas morning.

a blogging pastor .. .
you've got to head on over for some Bible learning
from his son.
Too much!

One of the women who started Bloom Book Club, of which I am a part, Jessica Turner _ this is her husband's blog. Thought-provoking, witty. I've been following it for a while. .. But today it linked me to a musician of which I had never heard,

Shaun Groves

something to think about as we live out our lives tomorrow.
as we pass strangers throughout the day.
Let us Love Jesus

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  1. Some fun blog hopping! Have a blessed weekend!