Sunday Gliding

During the school year, my Sundays are full of paperwork and lesson planning. My school bag and table top overflows with essays, tests and quizzes. I usually never finish it anyway_ leaving it for one day. So now in the summer months, with my empty bag and table, I am at a bit of a loss as to how to fill my weekend days.
Today was one such day. Any individual would have felt guilty staying inside _ A sky any artist would have taken pleasure to have painted.

I filled up my tank, which was nearly on empty, at the local gas station and set off on my adventure for the day. Only my camera in hand.

Maybe a farmer's market or possibly a flea market? I could spend hours there.. .

This sign was the first to catch my eye.
Could be exciting!
But then as I drove just a bit down the rode - I realized.. . These were REAL gliders and I was alone!?! If I really, truly wanted to go up in one of these, I would need to have someone else there whose hand I could hold so tight, white nail marks would remain. Not thinking the pilot would appreciate that much attention, I drove on.

and then paused to take some pictures -

Once again my interest was peaked by a roadside sign. Although, it turned out just to be a tease.

Two miles down the road, I realized - as much I called out "Farm fresh cheese, please?!?" It was not appearing anywhere.

I had driven past this antique shop once today, and on the way back - in the direction of where I thought the highway was - I decided to stop in. It turned out to be a hidden gem.

Both the store and the owner.

She made a point of coming up to me after I had spent 15 minutes or so browsing both the upstairs and downstairs.

"How did you find us, here?"
"Well... actually," I smiled. "I'm not quite sure where I am. I just set out on an adventure today and you happen to be one of my stops."

We then spoke for five minutes about her store and the area. I told her how I had headed out this afternoon with no real agenda, just my camera. She asked if I was a photographer.
I giggled, never thinking of myself as one. "Well, before you leave, go behind the red barn in the parking lot. There is something you will want to take a look at." She boxed up my vase and welcomed me back anytime, asking me if I would be able to find her store again [of which I made sure]. I headed back to my car, grabbed my camera and as I rounded the corner of the red barn,
sure enough...

It's funny all that you can accomplish in just one Sunday.
with just a camera
a quarter tank of gas

a friendly antique shop owner

and a newly discovered photographer

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  1. I love your story and how you live a life most would dream of(atleast I do). Not only to be able to go out and just let the wind carry you where it will, but also having the courage to actually do it. I would enjoy being around someone with your sense of adventure and free spirit.