In His Presence

it just so happened this morning
exactly at 7:33 a.m.
when the radio alarm turned on
chris tomlin's, "I Will Rise" was precisely starting

my day started with,

there's a peace i've come to know.. .

i laid in bed and listened to the whole song

peace is something hard to come by these days. and I don't mean all the political - national - international relations. Half of which - well, who am I kidding. Most of which i can only begin to understand after an hour briefing on the topic by my Dad.
I'm not talking about that type of peace.

I am simply speaking of the peace which affects us most of all.
The peace we feel within our hearts - within our minds. Within our souls.

When you step back and watch people in their daily journeys - swerving around you on the roads and shoving their way in front of you to get a box of pasta in aisle five. All so they can be home two seconds faster in their driveway.

In Rob Bell's, Noise he recounts the story of Elijah and how he looked for God but could not find him. He was not in the great and powerful winds. He was not in the earthquake or the fire but He came in a still small voice. Bell says there is much discussion of the Hebrew words used in this passage and how many believe it to read -
God was in the sheer silence.

No matter what is going on, all the chaos that today entails, and tomorrow will entail - the only place where we will find any peace is in Him. There are days when i find i am racing along with everyone else and need to catch myself. And pull the reigns back in. Take the time to slow down. Recognize the truth - which is that i'm rushing for no important reason at all.

It is only with Him and in His Presence, that i can feel true peace.

this is the peace i've come to know.. .

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