I Am

So after some Facebook strolling, a bout of sulking and a beer and a half, my mind wandered back to this morning's devotional. Where it should have been in the first place.. .

Ever since I read it this morning, the phrase,
"I AM" echoed through my head at different times in the day. I even heard it in several songs on the radio, as I hopped in and out of my car scurrying to work. The reading spoke of how God is PRESENT tense. "Prone to be people of the past tense, we reminisce. Not God. Unwavering in strength, he need never say, 'I was'. From the center of the storm, the unwavering Jesus shouts, 'I am'.. . Bold against the battlefield."

He will be with us EVERY day _ by our side. There are people in our lives who come and go. There are so many things - meaningless things - that the doors open and close on -but, God, He will forever more be with us. Ever present in our lives. The challenge remains though. If there are so many fleeting things that surround us, why do we not focus on the One thing that is constant and true and always faithfully there right beside us?
I was talking to a friend the other day about how our relationship with God can be compared to a love affair _
the best
incomparable -
unmatchable.. . Absolute unconditional

You want to spend all of your time with Him. Want to learn about Him. To be so close. Someone who you rely on, who will never EVER let you down. On one of my walks the other day, I couldn't help but notice how even in nature, God's creatures strive to be close to one another. And in doing so, they reflect how awesome and present He truly is in our lives this very day.

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