lessons from the day:: one

1. yesternight IS a word.
one of my three year old art students used it today .. and the words.... . "how very perfect.." actually scrolled across my brain.

2. Your Baby Can Read actually DOES work.
Saw one of my TWO year old art students reading one syllable words off of vocabulary cards this morning. This is a girl who does not yet speak in complex sentences, yet she can read, basic words only, but SHE CAN READ>

3. Making Potato Gnocchi looks easy.
I babysat tonight. Haven't done that, since ... well, come to think about it, I can't remember when. Had a whole lot of fun. Was cornered by two little blonde haired boys during a light saber throw down, made some paper airplanes, snacked all together on a pile of nilla wafers at the kitchen table.

After the boys were in bed, i attacked a stack of magazines i brought with me, the latest bon appetit [you know the one you've been eyeing _ yup with THAT sandwich on the cover]. Well, I read the gnocchi recipe over about ten times, have it basically memorized. And man, am surprised at how very simple is seems. Can't wait to try this out.

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