in a nightgown in NYC

When I opened the fridge this morning to snag my two daily water bottles, i noticed this_

go ahead take a closer look... .

yes _ an empty glass i put BACK in the refrigerator. I have absolutely no recollection of doing this. none at all. This is what scares me most. .. and I have come to doing things like this a lot lately. Leaving keys in the front door overnight, putting milk in the cupboard. Last week, I left corn in the microwave for three days before discovering it shriveled to oblivion in a sad looking bowl.

If you hear about a 30 year old woman wandering around New York City in her nightgown with no identification muttering 'must blog lilies, must blog lilies' come save me. I guess that kinda stuff happens in the city all the time though. The only thing is this time you'll end up knowing who it is.. .


  1. that's what happens if you sniff gas for months at end. memory loss. sorry, that's not really funny.

  2. That is something I would totally do! I left bacon in the oven once - thank goodness I at least remembered to turn the oven off, but I totally don't know how I forgot the bacon was still in there.