This is gonna be a blastula!

there's something about just hearing a voice, and not having a single face to read or body to watch. it's what old time radio shows must have been like. when everyone gathered around the radio in the living room and listened to detective shows and jack benny.

I linked to the Spilled Milk podcast from Orangette, a foodie blog you are gonna need to stop by. There are only three posts so far [one podcast] _ But what was here caught my attention once I heard, "if you wanna showcase something, fry it."

anything heavy laden with sarcasm_ count me in. i'll be back for seconds, thirds.. .

food and fun found here

* i can never learn enough new words .. . 'unctuous'. gonna use this one from now on.
* 'So these are goat eggs?'
* 'one day, i googled snowy white bottom on google images and i liked what came up.. .'
* ... 'and it's also a terrible name for a rapper.'

listen for your own favorites.

p.s. i wanna know John Thorne says about toast.

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