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“Can you remember a time this past week, when you felt close to God? Actually felt His presence?” I was asked this question a few days ago as part of a Bible study.

Throughout my crazy days, I do find hidden pockets of quiet and peace_ I, sometimes think, God just sends these little messages down from above, to say [like in yesterday’s post] Continue in me, I’m with you..

It’s the little things that stop me in my tracks. seriously, dead IN my tracks - in the middle of the sidewalk, or the side of the road. Things that others may overlook. Sometimes, I may get caught up in it, or as some people have told me, read too deeply into things. Sure, I do tend to do that at times. But how can you look at the nature that surrounds us each day and not see God’s reflection? That, I think, is overlooking the beauty of life itself.

Sometimes, signs and coincidences can be misleading though. A beautiful sunset does not a miraculous message from heaven make. Though wouldn’t it be easy, if that’s how it all worked? This week, I erred on the side of caution~

I have gotten in the car and found myself, hearing the same song, that reminds me of the same person.

So I prayed, prayed that if for some reason, God was laying him on my heart for a reason, that He would give him peace _and quiet his heart like only He could. That God would let him know, that He has a purpose for him, and will guide him as He always has in the past.

Once again, today, this morning AND afternoon, immediately after getting in the car, the same song. I’m thinking coincidental, right? The song’s just on the new 99.1 playlist. I then changed the station_ trying out the heathenness ways of Z100, to which I hear yet another reminder of this person.

OK, God, I get it. I sending out prayers left and right. Whether this individual needs prayer or not [who doesn't, right?], he's covered for the next month or so.

Has this ever happened to you?

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