a clock_full of 2009

2009 is coming to a close.
2010 is hours away.

months, days and minutes full of.. .
and more food
great outfits
bad outfits
becoming part of PCNP
belly laughs
sly smiles
enjoying my hobbies once again
stayin' warm with Jayden
q.time with sister
dancing and loving it
tears for no reason
tears for a reason
an endless, back and forth, game of facebook poke with a friend
a sad goodbye_ how is it that my nieces and nephews now have 'Maybe' memorized?
the painting of my apartment
a new girlfriend, who i love and trust
reading the Bible more and more... wanting to read the Bible more and more

this year was monumental for me.
i finally feel like i have grown into the woman that I was meant to be.
i'm happy with me.
or as the cliche quips, i'm comfortable in my own skin'

George Bernard Shaw once said::
:: youth is wasted on the young.
With every passing year _ i gain a bit more knowledge and life experience. i look back on the last ten years and ponder how very true that statement is, at least in my own life. if i was the person I am today, back in 2000 _ things would have been different.

but it took some time for me to grow. took awhile actually. and 2009 was a big part of that. there has never been a time when i have felt God's hand directly in my life than this one. and that had nothing to do with Him deciding to change anything. It was all about what I gave over to Him.

it's interesting to go back and reread my first posts. and think about what was going on then.. .from month to month_ a myriad of emotions and situations, both positive and negative, I faced. Never before have I learned to draw closer to God. 2009 has taught me to do that. and never before have I loved Him more.

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