by the time you are my age, you have heard .. and sung along with .. .the common christmas song thousands of times. they become "tattoo"ed in your head beside other things, you don't even realize you've subconsciously memorized. with this memorization, it's very possible and likely at times, to not hear the meaning behind the words.

last week, i heard the little drummer boy by jars of clay.
and when i listened, i realized it's more than just a christmas song.
it's a song for our everyday lives.

i am a poor boy
i have no gifts to give
shall i play for you
on my drum

i played my drum for Him
i play my best for Him
then, He smiled at me
me and my drum

I heard it and I heard a song being sang about myself.
I have nothing worthy here, that i possess on this earth to give to the King.
all I have is my life.. to give.
to play my best for HIM.

as I listened to this I thought about that moment_ when I will meet Jesus, when we all will. It's that last line... All we can do with our lives is honor Him. What a glorious thought that with our lives we can make the King smile. .. .

not such a common CHRISTmas song after all.

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