Fill in the blank.

With enough coffee I could _______________________.

or even change it up.. .

With enough ________________  I could____________________.

This could get interesting.


  1. Since I'm not a coffee drinker, with enough Coke (as opposed to the other kind of coke) i could skip sleeping altogether.

  2. how much fun would that be though???? no sleep.. ughhh!
    one of my favorite times in the day.. getting all snug in the sheets. .
    Would you at least do something while you are up all night _not work, right???

    i'm an afternoon coffee drinker... like an iced mocha after work... but who knows if i started drinking it in the morning what i could accomplish?!??!
    Man Alive!!?!

  3. with enough coffee, i could have four kids, and run their lives like a cruise ship schedule. wait...

  4. ... you Do?!!!?!.... that means you have ENOUGH coffee in your system.. or you have secret coffee iv. hmmmmm...

  5. With enough coffee, I could put it all in perspective. With enough quiet time, I could be the nicest person you ever met. Too bad I don't have enough of either lately :-D

  6. .. . i- for sure need MORE than coffee to put things into perspective ;;) that sounds like some magic coffee. send some my way!!!! !!!!

  7. I would say that there is something quite magical about the coffee from a Keurig. Even though I have one at home, if I see one when I'm out and about I'm drawn to it. They have one at the library where you can buy a cup for a buck a pop. I'm always tempted to take my change in and buy a cup but the reality of having coffee in the library with an almost six year old stops me cold each time.